My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


11. CHAPTER 11- The Wedding Bells :*)

4 Weeks Later....

As I put on my slut of a dress someone beats on my door. I put on my belt and leave the heels off.

"Hello" I said. When I opened it I find the love of my life.

"hey love, just want to say... whoa you look sexy!!" he said while scanning my body.

"well thank you" I said doing a 360" for him. He stopped me when I turned my back to him. He pulled me closer to him and pushed my straight hair off my neck. He kissed my neck making his way to my back that wasn't covered.

"you might want to stop before it leads to something more" I moaned as he ran his hand down my butt to the back of my thighs then to the front.

"your right, I might rip off your dress and take you right here." he said running his hands down my hip.

"you know I would have never thought the future king was a freak" I laughed turning around and throwing my arms around his neck while he had his hands on my waist.

"lucky you, you got to see the real me" he laughed.

"lucky you I gave you a chance" I told him turning around and walking to my heels.

"Yes, very lucky me" he said slapping my butt when I bent down and picked up my heels.

"Hey mister no touching" I said slapping his chest and walking out the room with him beside me. We made our way to Marisa's room before we opened it we heard her yelling.

"omg I look like a bloated panda in this" she yelled.

"great, now I have to deal with Godzilla's hormones" I said stopping and looking at Sean while he laughed.

"That's not funny. You wait until she starts throwing stuff and cursing everyone out telling them there fat or anorexic." I said crossing my arms and and tapping my feet.

"I'm going to lea-"

"o no you don't. you leave I'm stabbing you with a fork" I said shaking my head.

"isn't Cierra in this with you" he whined.

"yea but she hasn't showed up yet, so come on" I said grabbing his hand and pulling him while he whined.

"o come on. She look's better than me and it's MY wedding day." she yelled pointing to me.

"plenty of truth behind that" Sean mumbled and I giggled.

"Man I wish I didn't get pregnant. I would totally look better then you" she told me.

"Shouldn't of did my ex-fiancee."

"he's the one that called me over YOUR apartment" she said smiling.

"you no what I'm going to be the better person and not say anything else"

"now you try to be the better person thats a real shocker, for real" she said trying to get me to snap but it didn't work I just brushed her off.

"Aren't you going to shoot back" she said unfolding her arms.

"Nope. not really" I said while I wrapped my arms around Sean and walked out the door. I heard a squeal and a glass break.

"I told you she throws things."

"wow she is insane."

"your telling me!"

{$) &) /) :÷) +_+ ×_× ^_^ %_% *_* '_' ._. +-_-+ (○_○) :-] :-( }


As I was at my table I had a few requests to dance I nicely took a few and declined other's. I drink my strawberry martini while the new married couple danced close slowly on the dance floor. I found my dad standing in front of me.

"Hey dad what can I do for you" I said as I stood up.

"Can I have this dance with my lovely daughter" he said holding out his hand. I nodded and grabbed his hand and he led us to the dance floor. We moved in the pace of the music.

"That was really nice of you to become Marisa's maid of honor"

"yea, I had to do something nice for a chance" I said laughing with my dad.

We danced like that for like a couple of minutes then it was time for daddy daughter dance. Since Marisa doesn't talk to her dad she has to use mine. I sat back down and found Sean sitting next to me with his bodyguard.

"Hey what's wrong sweetheart" he said reaching for my hand.

"nothing" I said watching my dad dance with Marisa.

"There looks like there's something bothering you"

"it's just that..... I want to get married and have kids and I'm no were near either of those things."

"Just live your life now because when you have kids there going to be a lot of responsibility and you probably won't have any alone time."

"OK your right I'm just going to go with the flow and live it up"I said as the father daughter dance was over.

"May I have this dance"

"yes you may" I told him. We made our way to the dance floor. He really knows how to dance. He twisted me around him and pulled me towards him so that our face's were inches away. He dipped me and slowly brought me back up and spun me out and brought me back to him.

"wow. your a really good dancer" I said as he had me in his arms.

"I learned from the classes my mom put me in"

The rest of the reception was amazing. Even if I say so myself. I spent a lot of time with Cierra and Sean. When we got home we sat at the couch watching tv. The wedding was early so we got to my apartment at 4:00. Sean and I were sitting on the couch watching tv. I heard a knock on the door. I left Sean's side to answer the door. When I opened it, it was like I was looking at a mirror.
"Hey My names Ariel" she said in a thick Australian accent.
"You look like-"
"You" she said pointing to me.

*Author's Note* @_@

Here is the exciting plot, she has a freaking twin sister. Did you guys see this coming, of course you didn't I just came out of the blue. I'm so trying to make this book exciting. Please, please, please continue reading and I will continue writing. Please fav me and comment and I will love you for it. Who do you think is at the door. I know cause I'm writing it but, I love you and this story and continue faving and reading.
Bye my do good doers

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