The Last Fallen Angel

i was running.
running away.
i could hear their paws hitting the ground harder as they picked up speed.
i could feel their hot breath on the back of my neck.
i could smell their off putting smell of wolf.

i picked up my pace, running harder, faster. trying to put more distance between me and the angry werewolves.
suddenly a werewolf jumped in front of me, causing me to come to an abrupt stop.
he growled at me and lowered into a pouncing position as if he was ready to attack.
i let out a soft laugh. "what are you going to do? you cant kill me, you need me too much." i snickered.

what would you do if you knew too much? if your father taught you too much? if you saw your family slaughtered by supernatural creatures? if you knew about both vampires and werewolves? what would you do if you were Leia? an angel banished from the heavens because she had seen to much?
what if you were being hunted by every supernatural creature?
what would you do if you were The Last Fallen Angel?


1. how it all began

"Leia! Run!" was the last thing my mother said to me. I turned and ran. I ran to my aunt’s house on the other side of heaven. I don't know how long she held me as I cried. Back then I was just a small, fragile little girl who ran away from her dying mother.


I stayed at my aunts for a week until my father came back from somewhere which I later found out he was searching for the vampires that killed my mother.


From that day on I didn’t go to school, as it was too dangerous. Instead my father taught me about other supernatural beings. Werewolves, vampires, gods, and fallen angels. I now know every weakness and strength of every supernatural creature. For example a werewolf’s biggest weakness is wolves bane, vampires is vervain, Gods is that he feels every saints pain, fallen angels is their memories, and an angels biggest weakness is being a saint.


But the one thing my father never taught me was that if an angel witnesses an act of sin such as a murder they are cast from the heavens and become a fallen angel.


The next night there were wolves waiting outside my aunt’s house. When my aunt came home, they killed her. My father heard the screams and ran outside to save her. “Leia I need you to run.” My father sternly said. But me being stubborn little Leia I decided to follow him and try to help. While my father was fending them away from my aunt’s body, the biggest one lunged and killed him.


I stood there, shocked and frightened. I just saw my father get slaughtered. I must have let out a cry from the pain going through my wings because all the werewolves turned to me. I looked back at my wings to see what was causing me pain but what I saw I will never forget. My once pure white wings were turning grey and then when they turned black a shock of pain ran through my body.


What was happening to me?


I closed my eyes tight to try and stop the pain. It eventually started to fade but when I opened my eyes I finally realised what was happening.


As I looked around me there were no longer pure white houses with golden doors. Instead there was trees and forest and an asphalt road.



I was a fallen angel.

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