The Last Fallen Angel

i was running.
running away.
i could hear their paws hitting the ground harder as they picked up speed.
i could feel their hot breath on the back of my neck.
i could smell their off putting smell of wolf.

i picked up my pace, running harder, faster. trying to put more distance between me and the angry werewolves.
suddenly a werewolf jumped in front of me, causing me to come to an abrupt stop.
he growled at me and lowered into a pouncing position as if he was ready to attack.
i let out a soft laugh. "what are you going to do? you cant kill me, you need me too much." i snickered.

what would you do if you knew too much? if your father taught you too much? if you saw your family slaughtered by supernatural creatures? if you knew about both vampires and werewolves? what would you do if you were Leia? an angel banished from the heavens because she had seen to much?
what if you were being hunted by every supernatural creature?
what would you do if you were The Last Fallen Angel?


2. Frank and Barbra

I decided go for a walk and look for shelter so I walked along the side of the asphalt road.


I have been walking for about three hours and the sun is starting to set. As I was admiring the site, I tripped on a root that was protruding through the asphalt. Great now my white clothes are dirty.


After another two hours of walking I finally came across a small town of some sort. I walked up to a friendly looking house and knocked on the door. A man who looked to be in his mid 40’s opened the door, looked me up and down then said “don’t think it’s Halloween yet kid.” Then he closed the door.


What? I know it’s not Hallowe-oh, my wings.


How silly of me, I’ve been walking for hours with my wings on full display. I quickly made them disappear and then knocked on the door again.


This time a lady came to the door. “Hello dear.” She said giving me a friendly smile. “Hello ma’am, I was wondering if you know of any hotels nearby?” I politely asked. “A hotel?” she questioned. I nodded and waited patiently for her reply. “There aren’t any hotels in this town dearie. But you’re welcome to stay with Frank and I.” she offered. “Oh, I wouldn’t want to be any trouble.” I said. “No no, don’t be ridiculous! Come inside, I’ve just put some noodles on the stove.” She answered gesturing me inside.


I hesitantly walked in. The house was warm and looked antique. “Come sit down.” She offered as she motioned to a table with three chairs. I quietly sat down and she walked over to the stove and stirred what must have been the noodles. I sat watching as she added chicken and sauce and various herbs.


She then placed three large bowls of it on the table and bellowed “Frank dinner’s ready.” The man who answered the door slowly walked into the room and sat at the table and started eating his dinner. The lady then did the same. I then picked up the fork and started eating the meal. It was delicious.


“Who’s your friend Barbra?” the man – Frank asked the lady. “What’s your name dear?” the lady asked me. “My name is Leia, ma’am.” She smiled kindly at me, “well Leia, you’re welcome to stay as long as you want and please call me Barbra.” She said.


After dinner Barbra showed me to the guest bedroom and offered me some clothes of her daughters that she thought would fit me.


Once I had changed and showered I got into bed and laid there thinking about everything that has happened. My father never told me an angle can become a fallen angel if they whiteness a sin. He also never told me if fallen angels can ever become angels in heaven again.


I miss heaven. I miss my family. I don’t know how I am going to get back to heaven but I do know one thing – I won’t stop until I have revenge on those who killed my parents.

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