Belonging To Him -Harry Styles AU-

"...If I wouldn't have had gone, I wouldn't be where I am now..."

Shane Lyons. 17. Beautiful and smart. Every guy's dreams. But one particular night, she catches the eyes of Harry Styles, the town's criminal on the run.

But one night at the club wouldn't hurt, would it?

That's what they both thought. So when Shannon went to the club, she catches Harry's eye. She knew she wouldn't have went and Harry knew he's lucky he did.


1. Prologue


 *Shane's POV*

 I didn't know what I was doing on that day, that unfaithful day

 I didn't know that going to that party would bring so much

 I didn't know why I even went there in the first place

 Oh why did I go?

 If I didn't I wouldn't be in this place right now.

 If I haven't went, I would still be at home, with my parents.

 Oh how I missed them.

 If I hadn't had went, I would still be with them

 But then again,

 I wouldn't have had gone, I wouldn't be where I am now

 With him.

 Even though he is cruel and dangerous I'm still attracted to him.

 Even though I should stay away from him I can't

 Even though I want to stay away, I don't want to at the same time

 Even though I try endlessly to escape him, he always seems to have a way to find me again

 Why you may ask,

 Why would he try to get me again if I keep on trying to get away every chance I get?



 Because I belong to him.



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