Flashes in Time

All Mirabelle Sedora can remember is stumbling down a gravel road, lost and confused. When Harry Styles, a member of the biggest boy-band in the world devotes his time to helping her settle down, Mirabelle thinks this is her new start. Her new beginning. She wants to know of her past, know where she came from. She wants to know everything.

Until the flashbacks start coming.

Tensions rise, and a playful romance takes ahold, as Harry and Mirabelle push their way to answering one key question that changes everything:

Who is Mirabelle Sedora?


12. Waterpark: Part Two

Harry was glad to be out of his car. He didn’t think he could stand Louis and Mirabelle’s annoying bantering for one more second. He watched as Mirabelle and Louis stood, He watched as they had a stare down through their sunglasses, eventually breaking into laughter.
Harry smirked and turned to take his change and the ticket bands, flashing the worker a smile. He could tell by the way she stuttered and stared at him, that she was a fan.

He made his way over to Mirabelle and Louis, Surprisingly, they didn’t seem to be fighting over anything stupid.

“Here’s your ticket bands.”

He gave each of them a band and fastened his own onto his wrist. Louis, naturally, was having trouble with his so Mirabelle helped him out.

“So, what do you want to do first?” Harry asked, mainly looking at Mirabelle.

Mirabelle stared out at the towering water slides before her, children screaming happily as they rushed down into a larger pool of water.

“Erm…” Mirabelle whispered nervously, clutching her bag tighter.

“I say we ride that.” Louis announced, pointing to the tallest slide in the park.

“It’s the tallest slide in the park.” Louis added proudly.

“No shit, Sherlock.” Harry snorted. He looked at Mirabelle who seemed frightened. “You want to go on it?”

Mirabelle didn’t want to see cowardly. She had to look strong for these boys, to show she wasn’t weak.

“S-sure. Let’s go.” Mirabelle flashed a fake smile. She was becoming great at those.

Louis marched forward, leaving Harry and Mirabelle behind him and rushed off.

“When is he going to lose all that energy? He needs to get rid of it or he’s going to be bouncing off the walls.” Mirabelle huffed, walking alongside Harry.

Harry frowned. “Do you not like him? He doesn’t have to come over aga-“

“No it’s not that.” Mirabelle laughed. “I just wish he wouldn’t pick a fight all the time. He drives me crazy with all the talking he does.”

Harry chuckled, his shoulder brushing against Mirabelle’s. “I think once he settles down, he’ll be less annoying. Once he gets to know you, he’ll figure out that you aren’t exactly one to bicker, and he’ll adjust. He’s really a great guy once you get to know him.”

Mirabelle giggled. “Yeah, he’s pretty funny. Kind of cute, I guess.” She paused. “I mean, he isn’t cute, but um, his act, it’s um, cute.”

Harry nodded, laughing quietly. He suddenly felt jealous that Mirabelle liked Louis, but he assured himself that everything would be okay. Louis had his girlfriend, Eleanor, after all.

“Does he annoy you a lot?” Mirabelle asked, playing with her fingers.

Sometimes,” Harry smiled. “But he’s my best friend. I’ve gotten used to it.”

Harry noticed Mirabelle’s smile fade a bit. “What wrong?”

Mirabelle sighed. “I hope I can have a best friend someday.” She said quietly.

Harry grinned and slung his arm over Mirabelle’s shoulder.

“I’ll be your best friend.”

Mirabelle smiled up at Harry, their faces extremely close.

“That would be nice, I suppose.”

“But I must warn you, I can get pretty annoying when I want to. Probably even worse than Louis. I can get Louis to turn against you and bug you all day everyday as well.”

Mirabelle bit her lip. “Maybe I should rethink that offer then, Harry.” She teased.
Harry laughed and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards Louis who was standing at the end of the line.

“What took you two so long? Were you making out or something?” he yelled, causing people to stare. Harry prayed no one would recognize him.

“Shut the fuck up, Louis. “ Mirabelle hissed.

Louis eyebrows shot up. “She curses? That is very naughty of you, Bellanora.” Louis exclaimed obnoxiously.

“Louis, quit it, mate.” Harry hushed, punching Louis’s arm lightly.

“Whatever,” Louis said. “Get your shirts off and get in line. Leave your stuff at that table.” He said, pointing to a table with Louis’s single bag sitting in the middle.

Harry and Mirabelle went over to the table and dropped their bags, sliding their shirts off. Harry tried not to stare at Mirabelle, scared that he might pass out from her beauty. He glanced quickly at her smaller scars, wondering how they had gotten there in the first place. He wondered if Mirabelle had cut herself, if those cuts were self-inflicted. His eyes trailed down to her perfectly curved hips and her long legs. He needed to look away, or he would surely pass out.

“Why are you staring at me?” Mirabelle asked, but the truth was that she was staring back at Harry’s toned abs, and his shaped biceps. She noticed that he had freakishly long legs. Not that she was complaining.

“Why are you staring at me?” Harry smirked, his eyes trailing down Mirabelle’s body again.

“Why not?” Mirabelle shot back.

Harry grinned. “You’re terrible at comebacks, love.”

“Shut up.” She grinned back, skipping back too Louis. Harry watched as her lean body grew farther away from his and towards his best friend. He shook his head and laughed. Mirabelle was definitely cute in a very stubborn, boyish way.

Harry joined Louis and Mirabelle. They made small talk as they waited their turn to go down the slide. Harry noticed that Mirabelle would zone out throughout the conversation, staring fearfully at the slide ahead of them. He pulled Mirabelle aside, close enough to where his lips touched her ear.

“Are you afraid?”

She pulled back, eyes wide open. “N-no.”

“We don’t have to go if you don’t want to. I promise we wouldn’t be mad.”

Mirabelle looked doubtfully over at Louis who was watching them carefully.

“You wouldn’t be mad, but he would probably kill me.”

“So, we can let Louis go by himself.” Harry shrugged, holding both of Mirabelle’s wrists.

“No. That’s not fair to him.” Mirabelle sighed and put her hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Harry. It’s okay. I can do this.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like you’re being forced, because you’re not.”

“Harry,” Mirabelle chuckled, happy that he was so concerned, “I’ll be fine. I promise.”

Harry sighed. “Fine. Let’s go before Louis thinks were gossiping about him.”

“He can be such a girl, sometimes.” Mirabelle complained, following Harry back to Louis who stood four feet away.

“Can I join the gossip club?” Louis asked, clasping his hands together and jotting his bottom lip out.

“Told you so.” Harry mumbled into Mirabelle’s ear. She laughed.

“Sorry, Sassy pants. Only cool kids are allowed in.”

Louis let out a playful “humph” and turned his back to them. Harry laughed with Mirabelle and Louis refused to talk to them until it was their turn to slide down.

Mirabelle looked down from the top of the slide, suddenly ready to chicken out. She felt hands on her waist. She turned to see Harry bent down, holding her.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be in the slide right next to yours.”

She nodded and watched as he went around and sat at the top of the slide beside hers.
“Ready,” the ride runner announced, “Set, go!”

Harry, Mirabelle and Louis pushed themselves of from a secure point, sliding down the slides. Mirabelle shut her eyes tightly and screamed. Each time she thought she would hit a pool of water, she only kept sliding down.

“This…is…awesome!” she yelled, hoping Harry would hear. Water splashed her face and drenched her body as she slid down, finally meeting with a deep pool of water. She resurfaced beside Harry, unable to frown.

“That was amazing!” she giggled, watching as Harry and Louis popped up. Mirabelle bit her lip as Harry’s shook his drenched curls out of his face. Mirabelle wondered why she hadn’t noticed how beautiful he was before.

“I agree.” Harry grinned, wiping the water from his face.

“Can I be in the club, please?” Louis pouted, swimming up to Harry and Mirabelle. Harry gave Mirabelle a knowing look, and Mirabelle sighed.

“Louis, the thing is, we don’t accept losers.”

“What do you mean?” he grumbled as the three of them swam to the edge of the pool to get out.

“I mean, it was very clear Harry and I tied for first. You came in second so we just can’t accept you in.”

“I was the first one in the water!” he yelled. Mirabelle wondered whether he was kidding or not, because she sure was.

“Geez, Lou. Keep it down.” Harry laughed, jokingly covering Mirabelle for protection.

“Ew. You’re wet.” Mirabelle squealed, knowing she was drenched as well.

“I say we go down the lazy river.” Harry suggested, shaking his head to dry it off.

“Well, I just went down that large thing,” Mirabelle gestured to the slide, “So I think I can deal with a river.”

“Oh, come on.” Louis whined. “That’s so boring. All you do is sit in tubes and watch other people float by. That’s for the lazy ass people who don’t know how to have an adventure. In other words, it’s a ride for fat citizens.”

“Well then, Sassy pants, it seems like the ideal ride for you.” Mirabelle smirked.

“Well excuse you.” Louis snapped, turning to Harry. “Mate, you’ve got yourself a feisty one.”
Harry just laughed. The three of them grabbed their things from the table and headed towards the lazy river, Louis complaining the entire way.

After visiting the lazy river and dealing with Louis’s constant complaining, Harry and Mirabelle were tempted to leave him behind. Of course, they didn’t.

“Guess what, you two?” Louis asked as they sat at a table, eating their subs.

“What?” Harry sighed, hoping it wasn’t something utterly stupid.

“You two are having fun as your own club now because I invited Eleanor and we’re going to spend the rest of the day together here. She’s coming over in an hour.”

“Thank god.” Mirabelle whispered loudly. Louis almost looked hurt.

“Oh, alright. So we’re splitting up?” Harry asked, eyeing Louis. He was up to something and Harry knew it.

“Yeah. Eleanor and I are going to go on some funner rides while you two enjoy the boring ones.” Louis sneered, sticking his tongue out.

“Funner isn’t a word, smart ass.” Harry chuckled. Louis shrugged.

“Who’s’ Eleanor?” Mirabelle asked, munching on her sandwich.

“Eleanor is my very beautiful girlfriend. She is much better than you any day.” Louis said with a wink.

“How did he manage to get himself a girlfriend?” Mirabelle whispered and quietly as possible to Harry. Harry burst out in laughter.

“He has his ways.” He whispered back.

Louis phone vibrated and his face lit up.

“Eleanor is waiting at the front. Got to go.” Louis exclaimed. Harry stood up and gave Louis a proper man hug while Mirabelle just nodded at Louis. He ran off, dragging his bag along.

“He is so weird.” Mirabelle breathed, watching as Louis’s figure became smaller and smaller.
Harry chuckled breathlessly, sitting down across Mirabelle. He stared at her face for a second, admiring her naturally beautiful features.

“I don’t like it when you stare at me.” Mirabelle coughed, looking down at her plate.

“I only stare at you because you’re so pretty.” He mumbled, hoping she wouldn’t hear.

“You’re teeth are really white.” Mirabelle blushed, realizing what she had blurted out.

Harry bared his teeth into an ugly smile. A water droplet from his wet hair trickled down the side of his face.

“Now you look scary.”

Harry grinned, picking up his sandwich, taking a bite from it.

“I was thinking we could go to the wave pool. What do you think?” he asked.

“”Seems alright to me.” Mirabelle nodded with a smile. Her foot touched Harry’s underneath the table. She jerked it away, only for Harry to kick her in the leg.

“”What was that for?” she groaned, rubbing her leg.

“You touched me. I’m not okay with that.” Harry scoffed, laughing lightly. Mirabelle rolled eyes.

“Louis has definitely rubbed off on you, Harry. One of him is enough.”

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