Flashes in Time

All Mirabelle Sedora can remember is stumbling down a gravel road, lost and confused. When Harry Styles, a member of the biggest boy-band in the world devotes his time to helping her settle down, Mirabelle thinks this is her new start. Her new beginning. She wants to know of her past, know where she came from. She wants to know everything.

Until the flashbacks start coming.

Tensions rise, and a playful romance takes ahold, as Harry and Mirabelle push their way to answering one key question that changes everything:

Who is Mirabelle Sedora?


11. Waterpark: Part One

Mirabelle’s head snapped up to the sound of loud banging at the front door. She tried to get up, but realized that Harry’s arms were draped around her, making it difficult to move it all.

“Harry! Get your ass up!” Mirabelle yelled, shaking him wildly. He groaned and opened his eyes. The thumping on the door had ceased.

“Someone was knocking on the door.” Mirabelle formed, sitting up in Harry’s lap. She blushed at the thought of falling asleep on him.

“Oh shit.” Harry cursed. “I forgot Louis was coming over today.”

“Well, go answer the door before he kicks it down himself.” Mirabelle said, pushing him off. He stumbled for a second, then gained his position and headed for the door.

“Oh, and I’m sorry.” Mirabelle called. Harry turned around.

“What for?”

“For falling asleep on you.” She blushed, looking down. Harry smirked and turned back to the door, unlocking it and twisting the doorknob open.

“What the hell, man? What were you doing for you to take so long to answer the door?” Louis yelled, slapping Harry’s back.

“I was asleep, you bastard.” Harry hissed playfully, letting Louis in. Louis spotted Mirabelle sitting on the couch and waggled his eyebrows at Harry.

“No, mate. Just no.” Harry grumbled, pushing Louis along.

“If it isn’t old sassy pants.” Mirabelle snorted, standing up to brush her pajama pants.

“If it isn’t Ms. Stubborn pants.” Louis shot back.

“Stubborn pants? Is that the best you’ve got?” Mirabelle smirked, placing her hands on her hips.

“Love, I have many terrible words to describe you running through my head right now, though I would feel bad to call you them. But push it and I will.” Louis said smoothly, cocking at eyebrow. Mirabelle just rolled her eyes.

“Louis, what are you doing here so early?” Harry groaned, rubbing his strained eyes.

Louis looked at Harry like he was crazy. “I hope you realize it’s nearly two o’clock in the afternoon.”

Harry looked over to the clock in the kitchen. Louis was right. Harry and Mirabelle had slept half the day.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go change.”

“Put a swimsuit on. We’re going to a water park!” Louis cheered, flashing Mirabelle a grin.

Suddenly Harry and Mirabelle both noticed the bright orange swim trunks Louis was wearing. Mirabelle frowned.

“Why a waterpark?”

“Why not?” Harry grinned, siding with Louis. Mirabelle stared at the two of them.

“But I haven’t got a swimsuit.” She argued.

“You can borrow one of Gemma’s. She left a ton.” Harry said, much to Mirabelle’s dismay.

Mirabelle sighed in defeat and agreed, knowing she couldn’t use her large cut as an excuse anymore. It was almost completely healed, and wouldn’t get affected by water.

She sulked up the stairs, leaving the two best friends to chat quietly, sauntering up her bedroom. She pushed open the bathroom door and stripped off her clothes, stepping into the shower. She didn’t want to go to this waterpark. People would see her body. People would stare.

Once Mirabelle had taken a quick shower, she wrapped herself in a fluffy purple bathrobe and went to find Harry. She knocked on his bedroom door and he opened it shortly. Mirabelle’s eye fell to his shirtless upper half, attracted by his very visible six pack.

“May I help you?” Harry coughed. Mirabelle looked up to see him smirking. She blushed.

“Um, I need a swim suit.”

“Oh,” Harry said, “Of course. Come in.”

He took her to the bottom drawer of his dresser, pulling it out to reveal a bunch of girl clothing. He bent down and went through them, trying to find the swimsuits. Mirabelle couldn’t help but notice the prominent back muscle which flexed as he rummaged through the clothing. Finally, Harry turned around; holding swimsuit sets in his hands.

“Pick whichever one you like.” He smiled, holding them out to her. Mirabelle laid each set down on Harry’s bed. She put her finger to her chin, looking at each of her choices. She could tell Gemma likes flowery and colorful patterns. Mirabelle picked up the Union J patterned set.

“I think this one is okay.” She said, biting her lip. She was sure she would look terrible in it.
Harry searched her facial hints and sighed.

“Mirabelle, what’s the real reason why you don’t want to go to the waterpark? You rejected the idea of swimming when I mentioned it before, as well. What’s the reason behind it?

Mirabelle kept her head down.

“People are going to stare at my scars, Harry. They’re going to be scared of me. Everyone is going to be looking at my ugly body and I just can’t deal with that.”

“Mirabelle,” Harry sighed, shaking his head. “No one is going to stare at you. Don’t worry. You have no reason to feel insecure. You’re beautiful and you’ve got to let yourself shine.”

Mirabelle sucked in her top lip.

“I can’t shine. Monsters can’t shine.”

She turned away from Harry and left, clutching the swimsuit set tightly in her hand. Once back in her room, she changed into the bikini set, then turned towards the mirror and gulped. She looked very, very bad. Her small scars were fully exposed, along with the large closed up cut on the right of her torso. She was about to rip it off and refuse to go when Louis stumbled into her room.

“Oh my god!” Mirabelle yelled, wrapping her arms around her midsection. Louis scanned her body and wolf whistled.

“Damn. You’re hot.” He breathed. He looked up and saw Mirabelle’s face.

“What if I was naked, you prick?” she yelled, wanting to throw a punch at that pretty face of his. That was when Harry strolled in. His eyes fell to Mirabelle, who stood huddled up in the corner of the room.

“Let me see how you look.” He said softly, giving her an assuring nod. Mirabelle bit her lip, looking at the two boys before releasing her arms to her sides, standing up straighter.

Harry struggled to hold himself up.

He couldn’t understand why Mirabelle was so insecure. She was so beautiful. She had light curves and a beautiful shape in general. Her flashing rainbow eyes brought out the black in the suit. If only she would smile, show her beautiful smile, she would look even more stunning.

Harry knew she could easily be a model.

“You’re staring.” Mirabelle whispered, biting her lip.

“B-because you look amazing.” Harry stammered, unable to keep his words clear.

“Y-yeah.” Louis nodded in agreement, his eyes wide.

“Mirabelle, people will be staring, but not for the reasons you think.” Harry told her, approaching her. Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Louis leave the room, eyes on his phone.

“I don’t look bad?” she asked, surprised.

“Of course you don’t. You’re really pretty.” He whispered, hesitant to hug her. Mirabelle gave in with her frowning and broke into a grin, pulling Harry in first. Her arms draped around his neck and his arms tightening around her waist.

“Thank you.” She whispered, her lips tickling Harry’s ear. She giggled, the beautiful sound
making Harry’s heart flutter. This was a new feeling for him. His heart hadn’t fluttered in a while.

“My pleasure,” Harry whispered back, squeezing Mirabelle tightly once more before letting go. He looked down and gently pressed his finger to the large cut, trailing down it carefully.

“It’s getting better.” He noticed.

“Very quickly. I’m glad.” Mirabelle nodded, secretly checking out his curls as he looked down. He looked back up and caught her staring.

“Well, hello there.” He chuckled, waving his hand adorably.

“Hello.” She giggled, blushing a deep red.

“He-he. You’re blushing.” Harry teased, pointing to Mirabelle’s cheeks.

“Whatever.” She grumbled, turning her back to Harry to slip a shirt over her bikini top.

“Be downstairs in ten minutes, alright?” Harry instructed.


Harry made a face.

“I remember the days when you used to use full words.”

He chuckled to himself and left, leaving Mirabelle alone.

Mirabelle grabbed an untouched bag from her closet and placed her towel inside, along with a change of clothes. She ran her hair brush through her hair once or twice, and then dropped the brush in the bag as well. She slid her feet into her sandals and pushed her sunglasses up and behind her ears. Lastly, she stepped into the bathroom and popped her contacts in. Then, Mirabelle grabbed the bag and shuffled down the stairs.

Harry and Louis were in the kitchen making subs for the three of them. Mirabelle smirked when she saw Harry holding the lettuce. Oh, the memories.

“Hello, boys.” She smiled, walking into the kitchen. She set her bag down on the counter.

“Hey, Bella.” Louis grinned, waving a knife in his hand in attempt to wave hello.

“Louis, don’t kill her yet,” Harry hissed into Louis’s ear, loud enough for Mirabelle to ear. She froze and studied Harry’s face to see whether he was joking or not.

“Why did you call me Bella?” Mirabelle asked, remembering that it was Lux’s nickname for her.

“Harry told me about Lux. I decided Mirabelle was too long to say, anyways.” Louis shrugged, slicing the last tomato up.

“Well, I never gave you permission.” Mirabelle muttered, leaning against the counter.

“I don’t need your permission.” Louis scoffed.

“I can’t put you two in a room together without you two bickering. Would you shut up?” Harry chuckled, shaking his curly haired head.

“Well, he doesn’t give you stupid nicknames.” Mirabelle frowned,

“So you don’t think ‘Haz’ is a stupid nickname? I personally think it’s much worse the Bella.” Harry snorted, placing a lettuce piece in each sub sandwich.

“Haz? Really Louis?” Mirabelle giggled, waggling her eyebrows.

“Whatever, Bellanora.”

That shut Mirabelle up real well.

Once the sandwiches were made and placed in a cooler bag, Harry and Louis took an hour to figure out how to put their destination into the GPS. Mirabelle eventually became tired of watching the two brunette idiots mess with the device and grabbed in from their hands. They tried to argue but she simply hushed them and pressed the correct buttons, handing the GPS to Harry with a wink.

“Girl Wonder.” Louis whispered to Harry. “She’s a keeper, mate.”

Harry rolled his eyes and punched in the name of the indoor water park,

“You boys take forever. If I knew where we were going, I’d be halfway there by now.”

“I’d like to see you try.” Harry said, as Louis snapped his fingers sassily.

“I like this girl. She’s got my type of sass.” Louis said to Harry. He then turned to Mirabelle.

“Bella and I are going to be great friends, aren’t we Bella?”

Mirabelle scoffed. “Whatever you say, Sassy pants.

“Well, of course, Bellanora.”

“Oh my god, Louis. My name does not have ‘Nora’ anywhere in it.”

“I know.” Louis laughed. “It just sounds funny.”

“Let’s go before you guys blow up the house.” Harry chuckled, grabbing Mirabelle and Louis each by a hand, dragging them to his car.


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