Flashes in Time

All Mirabelle Sedora can remember is stumbling down a gravel road, lost and confused. When Harry Styles, a member of the biggest boy-band in the world devotes his time to helping her settle down, Mirabelle thinks this is her new start. Her new beginning. She wants to know of her past, know where she came from. She wants to know everything.

Until the flashbacks start coming.

Tensions rise, and a playful romance takes ahold, as Harry and Mirabelle push their way to answering one key question that changes everything:

Who is Mirabelle Sedora?


3. Safe

Harry woke up to the clashing and banging of pots and pans coming from the kitchen.

An intruder, he thought. Then he remembered Mirabelle, the girl he had brought home the night before.

Quickly, he got up, checking his reflection in the shiny glass table before jogging into the kitchen. He walked in on Mirabelle who was sitting helplessly on the floor with fallen pots and pans surrounding her. One had even landed on her head.

Harry couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you alright?” he asked. Mirabelle’s eyes widened as she began giggling.

“Your voice. It sounds weird.” She laughed, pulling herself up. But quickly, her mood changed and her smile dropped.

“You didn’t wake up when I tried, so I tried to make something to eat myself.”

This was probably the longest piece of dialogue Mirabelle had spoken at all.

“It’s alright love. We can just-“

“I’m not your love.” Mirabelle snapped suddenly, her eyes wid. “I don’t know you.”

“Okay.” Harry sighed, once again, holding his hands up in surrender. This girl was feisty. Or maybe she just had a lot of self respect. Which was hot.

“Harry?” Mirabelle started, her voice getting softer.

“Yes, lov- um, Mirabelle?”

“I need some clothes.” She blushed, looking down at the tile floor.

Harry reached out and set a hand on Mirabelle’s shoulder. She winced and shook his hand off, looking all of a sudden shaken up.

“Mirabelle, we’ll go get you some new clothes today, alright?” Harry promised. “But first, I need you to understand that I’m not going to hurt you. I need you to trust me and do what I say. I know you’re not one to open up, I need you to know that I’m here for you.”

Mirabelle nodded. “Okay.” She answered in an angelic voice.

“For now, why don’t you go take a shower and leave your clothes on the bed? I’ll take them and wash them and give you a bathrobe in the mean time.”

“That sounds fine.” She smiled.

“Off you go, then.” Harry chuckled, shooing her away.

Harry turned back to the fallen pans and sighed, beginning to pick each one up, one by one.
Mirabelle was some girl.

After Harry had finished making some pancakes for the two of them, he ordered some donuts to be delivered as part of the breakfast. Then, he grabbed one of his bathrobes and headed into Mirabelle’s room. Just like he had told her, she had left her muddy, dirty clothes on the bed. He replaced the clothes with the robe, taking the clothes. He threw them into the clothes washer in the laundry room, then proceeded to his room. He searched through some of his drawers until he found some perfume and accessories that Gemma had left when she came to visit. He brought those to Mirabelle’s room as well, where he set them neatly beside the folded bathrobe.
Harry walked out of Mirabelle’s room just as the doorknob of the bathroom began to be fumbled with. Harry quickly went into the kitchen to avoid seeing Mirabelle in only her towel.

Though, he wouldn’t be complaining.

He heard her door closing and let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding in.

Minutes later, Mirabelle stepped into the kitchen with Harry’s plaid robe wrapped around her. Her wet hair was tied up in a bun and her old makeup was washed off her face, giving her a fresh look. Now, Mirabelle didn’t look pretty.

She looked beautiful.

Harry was mesmerized by the fact that Mirabelle didn’t care what he thought of her. He was glad she hadn’t made a huge deal about not having real clothes, taking the robe as a gift. She didn’t seem the slightest bit insecure, either. But maybe she was only hiding it. Harry had to take a few shorts breaths before speaking.

“Donuts and pancakes, for you.” He smiled, gesturing to the breakfast table. “Come.”

He lead her to the table and pulled out a seat for her, then sat down himself.

“This looks amazing.” Mirabelle smiled. Harry caught her licking her lips as she stared down at the food.

“Go on, Mirabelle.” Harry offered. “Help yourself.”

Mirabelle picked up a donut and set it on her plate, grabbing a fork which was set beside her plate. Harry almost burst out laughing when he saw Mirabelle stabbing the donut with the fork.

“Not like that, love.” Harry smiled. He took his own donut and took a bite out of it. Mirabelle cocked her head to one side, then straightened herself out and mimicked Harry. As soon as the donut hit her mouth, her eyes widened and she let out a small moan.

“This is delicious.” She grinned, taking another bite. Harry watched Mirabelle as the devoured the donut, starting in on a second. He would have to get them for breakfast more often.

“So, what kind of clothes do you like?” he asked, trying to get an idea of where he should take Mirabelle shopping.

Mirabelle shrugged. “Anything is fine.”

“Oh, come on. There must be something detailed about what you like to wear.”

“No.” Mirabelle answered simply, dropping her half eaten donut and looking Harry in the eye
Harry held in a sharp breath as he stared at Mirabelle’s eyes.

“I’m a monster.” She whispered suddenly, gripping the edge of the table. “I’m different. My eyes are different. Oh my god. I must by crazy.” She whispered more to herself.

“No, no of course not.” Harry interrupted, shaking his head vigorously.

“Don’t lie, Harry.” She protested, her eyes beginning to shine with tears. Harry gasped at how beautiful his name sounded coming out of Mirabelle’s mouth.

“I promise Mirabelle. You aren’t a monster.”

“You don’t know that.”

Harry was stuck. Mirabelle was right. He didn’t know that. He didn’t know Mirabelle’s past, or what she had done. He didn’t even know why she was here and not in her home, where she should be.

“But I do know that you’re not a monster just because of your eyes.” He whispered calmly.
Mirabelle wiped away the many tears that were covering her cheeks.

Just then, the clothes dryer sent a loud noise from the laundry room, indicating that Mirabelle’s clothes were ready to go.

Harry and Mirabelle ate the rest of their breakfast in silence.

Once they were finished, Harry led Mirabelle to the laundry room and handed her her clean clothes. She left to her room with a small nod.

Minutes later, Mirabelle entered the living room wearing her shirt and her torn jeans, her feet stuffed in her sneakers. Harry scanned her for a second then grabbed her hand, taking her to his room. He took her into his wardrobe, full of many clothes, and showed her to the section filled with hoodies and jackets.

“Choose.” He instructed with a friendly smile, gesturing at the clothes. Mirabelle bit her lip and approached to various hoodies. She took a purple Jack Wills hoodie off the hanger and slipped it on. Harry smiled. She looked good in his clothing, and he wouldn’t deny it.

“C’mere.” He said, gently taking her arm and pulling her to him. He turned her around and pulled out the hair that was been bunched between Mirabelle’s shirt and the hoodie when she put it on.

“It smells good.” Mirabelle laughed soundly, inhaling deeply.

“Only because I wear it.” Harry winked. Mirabelle rolled her eyes, then dropped her smile.

“Harry?” she asked quietly, letting her hand sink into the long sleeves.


“I want to cover my eyes. Do you have sunglasses?”

Harry got the feeling that Mirabelle understood they would be going out in public. Suddenly, Harry remembered the brown color contacts he had kept after using them in a disguise to keep hidden from fans.


“Come with me.” He said, taking Mirabelle by the wrist and pulling her into his bathroom. He bent down at pulled out the contact case from the cupboard under the sink.

“Do you know how to use contacts?” Harry asked, setting then case in Mirabelle’s hand. She shook her head.


“You need to open your eyes wide with your fingers and stick it in. It doesn’t hurt, I promise.”

Mirabelle looked terrified by the concept.

“Would you like me to help?” Harry offered, gently taking the contact case from Mirabelle. She nodded.

“Alright, sit on the counter.” He instructed, patting the empty bathroom counter which surrounded the sink.

She hoisted herself up onto the counter.

“Now, open your eyes as wide as you can, and use your fingers to hold them open.” He directed as he opened the separate compartments of the contact case. Mirabelle did as told. Harry transferred the right eyes contact to one of his fingers.

“Don’t blink.” He said. Mirabelle nodded and held her breath and Harry put the contact into her eyes. Mirabelle blinked hard a few times to let the contact settle in. Then Harry and Mirabelle did the same for Mirabelle’s left eye.

“That’s it?” Mirabelle asked, looking in the mirror. Sure enough, her eyes were now brown.

“That’s it.” Harry nodded, closing the contact case.

“I’m not a monster anymore.” Mirabelle whispered, brushing over her eyes with her fingers.

“I don’t want to believe you ever were.”

Mirabelle gulped and stared at Harry for a good few seconds before crossing her arms over her chest and smiling.

“Let’s go.”

Harry stood beside Mirabelle as she examined another piece of clothing. She had already gathered quite a few outfits, and Harry approved of every single one. Mirabelle was one of those girls who looked good in anything she put on, but always denied it. Half the outfits in her hand, Harry had forced her to get.

“How’s this one?” Mirabelle asked, tapping Harry’s arm lightly. She held out a fancy blue dress. It was strapless and looked like it would be perfect for Mirabelle.

“Why don’t you go try it on?” Harry suggested, gently pushing her towards the fitting room. Mirabelle smiled and took the dress to a fitting room, once again, telling Harry to wait outside.

A few minutes later, Mirabelle stepped out in the dress. Harry had to hold onto a rack on clothing to not fall over.

“You look…stunning.” Harry exhaled, nodding quickly. He could feel himself blushing with no doubt.

“Thank you.” Mirabelle smiled lightly, twirling in a circle for him. Harry grinned, wondering what he had done to become so lucky at finding this girl.

“Should I get it? I like it.” Mirabelle asked, looking at herself in the mirror.


Mirabelle grinned and headed back into the dressing room, soon stepping back out in her original clothing.

“Ready to buy these?” Harry questioned, gesturing to the pile of clothing in her arms.

Mirabelle laughed and nodded, looking up at Harry. He smiled and stuck his tongue out at her, and she returned to same action. They both laughed and headed towards the line to pay. Harry kept his head down, not wanting to attract any possible fans. Mirabelle didn’t seem to notice, instead looking passed the window of the store they were currently in, focusing on a nearby Victoria’s Secret. Harry watched as she blushed and looked down at the ground.

“Do you need to go there?” Harry asked, trying not to be awkward. Mirabelle bit her lip, trying to hide an embarrassed smile.

“I kind of do, Harry.” She answered, fiddling with one of the shirts she was holding.

“Okay. We can go. I’ll wait outside if you’d like.”

“No! I mean, I wouldn’t want you to feel alone…” Mirabelle trailed off with her words, blushing furiously.

“So you want me to come in?” Harry chuckled, rubbing her back. He frowned when she flinched.

“Only if you want you.” Mirabelle giggled shyly, covering her face with the clothing.

“Of course I want to.” Harry winked, making Mirabelle blush even more.

“Gross!” she exclaimed with a loud giggle, managing to slap Harry’s arm.

It took almost twenty minutes to get all the clothes checked out that Mirabelle had wanted. The line behind them got longer and longer by the second, and Harry was more self conscious of being seen. He didn’t want this day to be about to fans. He just wanted to enjoy his time with Mirabelle.

After finally leaving that store, Mirabelle and Harry headed into Victoria’s Secret.

So he was coming along after all.

Harry tried not to make it awkward, sitting down on a nearby bench as Mirabelle picked out some undergarments. She picked out quite a few, and Harry caught her glancing at him every few minutes. Was she trying to make him melt? Harry hoped not, because she was already quite attractive.

Mirabelle went to a fitting room to try the underwear on when another boy around his age came and sat down beside him on the bench.

“You’re bird here for her girl stuff too?” Harry laughed, trying to be friendly.

“Yeah.” The other boy laughed, eyeing a pretty girl who was checking out some garments on the other side of the store.

Mirabelle walked out of the fitting room, holding her final garments in her hand. Harry tried not to look at them, instead focusing on her pretty face.

“You finished?” Harry laughed, standing up to beat her in height, but only by one or two inches.

“Yes. I’m done.” Mirabelle answered, blushing again.

“Not need to be embarrassed, love.” Harry smiled, glancing at the boy he had been sitting next to. Harry didn’t like the way he was looking at Mirabelle. The guy’s eyes were full of instant lust.

“Let’s go.” Harry growled, suddenly, becoming protective of Mirabelle. He put his hand on the small of Mirabelle’s back and led her to the cashier.

“Is everything alright?” Mirabelle asked once they started walking through the crowded mall hallway.

“Everything is fine, Mirabelle.” Harry answered, gritting his teeth. Mirabelle knew something was wrong, but decided to drop the subject.

“What’s next?” she asked, gripping onto her bags.

Harry’s face softened.

“Would you like to go for a walk? There’s a park close by.”

Mirabelle smiled and nodded. “That sounds lovely.”

“Okay. We can put your bags in my car and then go.”

Mirabelle nodded in agreement and followed Harry out of the mall and towards his car. After Harry put Mirabelle’s bags in, they changed direction and began their walk to the park.


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