Flashes in Time

All Mirabelle Sedora can remember is stumbling down a gravel road, lost and confused. When Harry Styles, a member of the biggest boy-band in the world devotes his time to helping her settle down, Mirabelle thinks this is her new start. Her new beginning. She wants to know of her past, know where she came from. She wants to know everything.

Until the flashbacks start coming.

Tensions rise, and a playful romance takes ahold, as Harry and Mirabelle push their way to answering one key question that changes everything:

Who is Mirabelle Sedora?


13. Drunk

“Oh! Look at that one!” Mirabelle squealed pointing to another dolphin as it flipped in the air. Harry nodded, staring more at Mirabelle than anything else.
The two of them were now sitting on the concrete, watching the sun set while the trained dolphins did their night show. Couples surrounded them, eating their dinners and chatting peacefully. Harry felt a tap on his shoulder an turned around.

“Oh, hey El! Lou!” Harry grinned. Mirabelle turned away from the dolphins to see Louis and a gorgeous girl standing beside them.

“It’s such a beautiful night, don’t you think?” Eleanor said quietly. Eleanor’s gaze turned to Mirabelle.

“You must be Harry’s friend. Something like, Bellanora?” Eleanor said.

“Did Louis tell you that?” Mirabelle rolled her eyes. “Because that’s his ridiculous nickname for me.”

Eleanor laughed. “Sorry. What’s your real name?”

“Mirabelle. Nice to meet you.” Mirabelle smiled, standing up to shake her hand.

“Eleanor Calder.” Eleanor answered, looking at Mirabelle. “You’re eyes are so cool.”

Mirabelle bit her lip. “Thanks.”

“Hey, I’m not invisible.” Louis scoffed from beside Eleanor.

“Oh, hello Sassy pants.”

Louis rolled his eyes as Eleanor sat down beside Mirabelle. The two boys sat at the edge of the line of the four, the two girls in the middle.

“Do you like dolphins?” Mirabelle asked, keeping her eyes on the water.

“Very much. Louis and I come here often to watch them. They’re such amazing animals, honestly.” Eleanor answered.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Mirabelle nodded. Eleanor leaned against Louis’s chest as a strong window blew past them, goose bumps forming on Mirabelle’s skin.

“Are you cold?” Harry asked from beside her.

“A bit.” She shrugged, trying to get her teeth to stop chattering. Suddenly, she was being pulled into Harry’s arms, lying slanted with her head against Harry’s chest. His arms were wrapped tightly around her shoulder, warming her up. But not just from him holding her. She was blushing terribly hard.

“Better?” he asked, his chin resting lightly on her head.

“Better.” Mirabelle confirmed, melting into his arms.

She could feel his warm breath, blowing into her hair, his arms toned perfectly. Eleanor raised her eyebrows at Mirabelle and Harry while Louis just gave Harry a look Mirabelle couldn’t decipher.

“What would you say if Eleanor and Louis stayed the night at my place?” Harry asked quietly, one hand rubbing Mirabelle’s shoulder gently.

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

“So, what’s up with you and Harry?” Eleanor winked, letting her topknot cascade down her back. Mirabelle frowned at Eleanor.

“He’s my friend.” Mirabelle answered, brushing through her hair.

“Oh come on, Mirabelle,” Eleanor smiled. “It obvious he fancies you of some sort.”

“Shut up, El.” Mirabelle scoffed, rolling her eyes.

“Whatever. The boys are about to watch a movie.” Eleanor looked up from her phone. “Let’s get downstairs.”

Mirabelle followed Eleanor out the door, walking down the stairs behind her. Harry and Louis were seated on the couch. Eleanor got snuggled up in Louis’s arms while Mirabelle sat down awkwardly beside Eleanor.

“Case 39 sound like a good movie choice?” Harry asked, going through his DVD album.

“Isn’t that a scary movie?” Eleanor pouted.

“It’s okay, love. I’m here for you.” Louis smiled, pecking Eleanor’s lips.

“Eww. Save that for later. I would like to watch this movie, public display of affection free.” Mirabelle joked, covering her eyes. Harry stuck the DVD into the player and started it, heading to sit beside Mirabelle. The couch sank down once his weight was set in, which made Mirabelle smirk a bit.

“You’re fat.” She snorted. “The whole couch just went down.”

Harry rolled his eyes and leaned back, draping his arm around Mirabelle’s shoulder. She bit her lip, scooting away from him. She kept her eyes on the television screen, tapping her feet anxiously.

An hour into the movie, Mirabelle was shaking lightly, desperately wanting someone to hold her the way Louis was cuddling Eleanor. Mirabelle was freaked out, but she couldn’t just run away. The darkness of the rest of the flat would only give her visions.

“Ahem,” Harry whispered, “Care to join me?” he gestured, holding an arm out. Mirabelle didn’t hesitate to dive into his arms, her head resting on his chest.

“So, what if Lily tries to kill Emily?” Louis asked out loud referring to the movie.

“I don’t know but whatever she said to Diego must have been extremely terrible. I mean seriously, it convinced him to kill his parents. The kid is fucking ten years old.” Harry answered, his arm tightening around Mirabelle’s waist.

“Douglas and Emily would be cute together.” Eleanor sighed, giggling as Louis gagged.

“I agree.” Harry smirked, stifling a laugh when Mirabelle looked up and shot him a disgusted look.

“What?” he shrugged innocently. “Do you not approve of love or something?”

“Shh.” Mirabelle pressed her finger the Harry’s lips, silencing him.

“Lame.” Harry muttered under his breath.

Mirabelle didn’t seem so frightened by the movie, that is, until the elevator came crashing down during the film.

“Holy shit,” Mirabelle cursed, pressing into Harry’s chest.

Harry had tensed up beside her. “It’s okay. I’ve got you.”

Mirabelle rolled her eyes. No doubt he was just as scared as her.

“C-can we watch a different movie?” Louis trembled from the opposite end of the couch. Mirabelle snorted.

“Scaredy cat.”

“Hey, don’t bully my friend.” Harry said, elbowing Mirabelle lightly in the rib. Mirabelle snickered, her eyes trailing back to the screen.

By the time the movie was finished and the credits were rolling, Mirabelle didn’t seem so calm anymore. Eleanor and Louis were huddled together, and Harry wasn’t even trying to act cool, burying his head in the crook of Mirabelle’s neck with his arms around her.

“I don’t think horror films are my thing.” Mirabelle whispered. “I’m going to have nightmares.”

“Welcome to the club.” Eleanor yelled in a muffled voice, her head pressed into Louis shirt.

“We should do something more, unfrightening.”

“Unfrightening isn’t a word, Harry.” Mirabelle laughed. Their eyes met, Harry staring at Mirabelle’s face. She was the first girl he had ever seen look so beautiful without makeup. No one could deny it.

“Let’s play Never Have I Ever.” Eleanor piped up with a smile Mirabelle wished she could have.

“Alright. Haz, have you got some beer?” Louis asked, waggling his eyebrows. Harry nodded and went into the kitchen, strolling out with a pack of beer. Mirabelle stared at the pack, slightly uncomfortable. She didn’t want to do this. She had a feeling she had never drank before in her life. The liquid just didn’t look familiar, or inviting.

“How do you play?” Mirabelle asked Harry.

“One person says a ‘never have I ever’ statement, and if you have done it, then you take a sip of the beer. It’s rather simple, actually.” Harry explained. Mirabelle squirmed.

“You alright, love?” Harry asked softly as Louis and Eleanor opened up the bottles.

Mirabelle looked up at him, biting the inside of her cheek.

“I don’t think I’ve ever drank beer before.” She admitted, eyeing the bottles. “And I don’t plan on it.”

“Oh come on, Mirabelle,” Harry persuaded. “You might like it. And you don’t have to get addicted to it or anything. Just tonight. Please?”

Mirabelle stared at Harry, more of a glare, narrowing her eyes at him. He didn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable.

“Fine.” She huffed.

“Brilliant.” Harry grinned, sitting down on the floor. Mirabelle sat down next to him and Louis and Eleanor sat beside each other across from them.

“Here’s yours.” Louis said, handing Mirabelle a cup full of beer.

Once everyone had their beer, Louis loudly volunteered to go first.

“Never have I ever made out with a stranger.” Louis announced.

Mirabelle watched as Harry sheepishly took a sip of his drink. She decided she wouldn’t make a comment.

“I’ll go next,” Eleanor volunteered. “Never have I ever been rejected.”

Louis, Eleanor and Harry all took sips of their drinks. Mirabelle gulped, not being able to remember anything. How was she supposed to play this game if she didn’t remember her past?

“Wow, you’ve never been rejected?” Louis asked Mirabelle. She shrugged, her cheeks turning a deep red. She didn’t know.

“Well, it’s obvious why.” Eleanor laughed. “You’re beautiful, you’re sarcastic, you’re funny, and well, I think your personality is pretty darn attractive.”

Mirabelle couldn’t help but grin.

“Okay, my turn.” Harry said. “Never have I ever…lied to my mother.”

“Is that the best you’ve got?” Louis hollered, while Eleanor burst out laughing.

Harry, Louis and Eleanor all took sips. Mirabelle figured she’d probably lied to her mother at least once, and took a sip of the beer. She almost gagged at the taste, coughing and spurting the liquid out of her mouth. The others stared at her.

“First time.” She laughed nervously.

“Oh, it’s fine.” Eleanor grinned, breaking the silence. “The first time I had beer, I threw up on the spot.”

“Yeah. I don’t even want to explain the first time I tried beer.” Harry smirked, eyeing Louis. Louis chuckled.

Hours passed, and soon, Harry, Eleanor and Louis were giggling, full on drunk.

Mirabelle sat of the coffee table, watching them act like idiots. Harry and Louis were tickling each other while Eleanor sat in the corner and sang country songs that Mirabelle couldn’t even recognize.

“Guys.” Mirabelle raised her voice. They ignored her, goofing off as if she were invisible.

“I’m tired.” Louis pouted, rubbing his eyes. “C’moon, Ellieee. Let’s go to slee-eep.”

“Me, too.” Harry slurred, trying to stand up. He collapsed and began to giggle again.

“Louis, Eleanor, go to the guest room.” Mirabelle demanded, pointing to a bedroom door. They stared at Mirabelle, and then sauntered off, leaving Mirabelle to deal with Harry. It was obvious that he was the drunkest of all of them.

“Belllaaaaa.” Harry moaned, reaching out for her.

“Harry, you are an idiot.” Mirabelle sighed, squatting down to help him sit up.

“You look hoooott.” He slurred, touching Mirabelle’s face.

“Shut up.” She laughed, pulling him up. His knees wobbled and he put his hands of Mirabelle’s shoulder, trying to keep balance.

“Carry me.” He pouted.

Mirabelle shot him a look. “Hell, no. You are walking yourself to your own room.”

“Carry me.” He repeated, groaning childishly. Mirabelle sucked in a breath, trying to brace herself. She knew where that extra beer was going after this. Down the drain.

Letting out a loud sigh, Mirabelle scooped Harry up in her arms, stumbling down the hallway to his room. She threw him onto the bed and he immediately grabbed the duvet, snuggling into it. She shook her head and turned to leave, but was stopped by Harry groaning.


She spun around, quite annoyed. “What?”

“Please. Stay?” he begged, reaching his arm out.


“Please? I want a snuggle buddy.”

Snuggle buddy? What the hell? Mirabelle thought.

“Harry, I’d like to sleep in my own room. You’re drunk and-“

“Please, Bellaaa. Just tonight. Ooonly tonight. Please. I’ll behaaave.” He slurred slightly, his bright green eyes flashing in the moonlight. He was biting his lip, color rushing to his cheeks. He looked almost vulnerable in this state.

“Fine.” She sighed, slapping her forehead once before closing the bedroom door and heading towards the bed. Harry shifted to the other side of the bed, leaving a side open for Mirabelle. She climbed in, putting her legs under the covers.

“Can I cuddle you?” he asked, jotting his bottom lip out. Mirabelle felt her heart flutter. She was scared by the sudden new feeling but slowly nodded. Harry smiled tiredly and pulled Mirabelle in, her back against his in a spooning position.

“Is this okay?” Harry asked, his hot breath tickling Mirabelle’s neck.

“It’s fine.” She answered, her voice surprisingly shaky. Her skin tingled as Harry held her, and she hated to admit that she felt safe in his arms.

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?” Harry whispered. Mirabelle turned around so that she was facing Harry, her face only centimeters away from his.

“I doubt it. I wouldn't make a good girlfriend.”

Harry frowned, wrapping his arms around Mirabelle’s waist.

“Of course you would. You’re smart, you’re clever, you’re sweet, and you’re gorgeous. And have I mentioned that being stubborn is just a bonus?”

Mirabelle giggled softly, pressing her fingers lightly to Harry’s eyelid’s to close them.

“Get some sleep Harry. You’re drunk.”

“I’m sober enough to know that what I say isn’t a lie.” He answered, nuzzling his face into Mirabelle’s neck. Mirabelle shivered at his touch.

“Goodnight, Harry.”

“Night, Bella."
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