Flashes in Time

All Mirabelle Sedora can remember is stumbling down a gravel road, lost and confused. When Harry Styles, a member of the biggest boy-band in the world devotes his time to helping her settle down, Mirabelle thinks this is her new start. Her new beginning. She wants to know of her past, know where she came from. She wants to know everything.

Until the flashbacks start coming.

Tensions rise, and a playful romance takes ahold, as Harry and Mirabelle push their way to answering one key question that changes everything:

Who is Mirabelle Sedora?


1. Changed His Mind

Mirabelle ran. She was shivering, out of breath, and about to collapse. Her clothes were soaked from the cursed rain, which seemed to never stop. Her whole world seemed to be darkening with every step she took.

Finally, her body decided otherwise than to keep going, and Mirabelle fell onto the gravel of a road she wasn’t sure even existed. She whipped her hands across the small rocks, covering them with a new sheet of her own blood. Mirabelle lifted her hands to level with her eyes, blood dripping from her skin. She shuddered, trying to convince herself that the throbbing pain in her head wasn't real. She watched as the heavy rain washed the blood from her hand, only to be replaced with more of the red liquid almost instantly. Sighing, Mirabelle leaned back, her head resting in the soft grass with bordered the trail.

“Help.” She whimpered, dropping her hands to her sides. She looked up at the sky, watching the dark gray clouds shield away the moon. Mirabelle wiped the rain water from her face, though she was sure within the water were her tears. Mirabelle licked her lips, and let out a small gasp as she realized that her mouth was also pouring out blood.

“Someone help.” She wanted to yell, but it only came out as a weak whisper.

Mirabelle knew she wasn’t safe. She couldn’t remember why, or what she wasn’t safe from. So Mirabelle got up, her muscles seizing to go on strike. She quickly stretched and looked back at the miles and miles of trees and dangerous trails she had passed. Then she looked up once more at the stars, praying for an angel to guide her. Five minutes passed, and nothing came.

Mirabelle felt a new wave of tears threatening her eyes.

Please, send me help. She begged silently to no one.

Mirabelle’s mother had once told her that God was always watching her. She had told Mirabelle that God would love her even if no one else did.

But now, Mirabelle was sure God had changed his mind.

Mirabelle shook away the thought and took off once more, running as fast as her legs would carry her.

And she didn’t look back again.

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