The Silent Maid

The new maid had came. She doesn't like to talk. Actually she doesn't talk. Why? Does she has any unhappy chilhood? I must admit she is beautiful. Those big brown eyes get me every time. But on that pretty angel face there has no espression on it. It's so hard to live with someone who doesn't even smile. Me and the boys decided to find out what happened......


2. No Smile, No Espression

Harry's POV

    The maid is coming today. Me and the boys are quite excited, except Louis. He thinks that the maid is going to steal his privacy. Poor Louis.

    "Alright, boys, I have to go out for a while. The maid will be here around 10. Make sure her room is ready as she is going to stay here for every day from now on." "Ok Paul. Bye." Niall said with his food-stuffed mouth. Man this boy really love to eat.

    It's 9:30 now. I really curious about that maid. Is she beautiful? Is she nice? How old is she? Which country is she came from?

    Half an hour later, there is a knock at the door. My heart is pumping fast. The maid had finally came!

    "I'll go get it," said Liam. He open the door. There is no maid, but a postman standing there, holding a package. "It's from Miss Natalie Owens, this package is for Mr. Liam Payne."

    Liam seems pretty excited to recieve this package from his girlfriend, Natalie. She moved to Australia last month and will come back a few days later.

    Just then, someone exit the lift and walk to our apartment. The maid had came, I thought. I invited her in. She is a really beautiful girl. But on that pretty angel face there is no smile, no espression.

    "Good morning sir, I'm Hannah, your maid," she said with her cold voice.


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