The Silent Maid

The new maid had came. She doesn't like to talk. Actually she doesn't talk. Why? Does she has any unhappy chilhood? I must admit she is beautiful. Those big brown eyes get me every time. But on that pretty angel face there has no espression on it. It's so hard to live with someone who doesn't even smile. Me and the boys decided to find out what happened......


1. Hire a maid?

Louis's POV

    We are getting a new maid today. I can't belive Paul hired her for US without asking OUR opinion. He said the reason for hiring a maid is to 'help us to focus on our career'. Nonsence.We are not 3-year-old kids. We can take care of ourselves and also focus on our own career. I know Paul is on a kind act, but let me tell you, sometimes he's quite annoying.


To all my dear readers,

Hi guys, Sorry for the short chapter because I can't think of any name for the main actress. Now here comes a competition. Just type '#iwannabethemaid' and your name in the comments and the one who has the most '#iwannabethemaid' phrase can be the main actress (I mean using your name). So good luck!

Little Directioner

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