The Silent Maid

The new maid had came. She doesn't like to talk. Actually she doesn't talk. Why? Does she has any unhappy chilhood? I must admit she is beautiful. Those big brown eyes get me every time. But on that pretty angel face there has no espression on it. It's so hard to live with someone who doesn't even smile. Me and the boys decided to find out what happened......


3. Author's Note

To all my dear readers,

    Hi! Do you like 'The Silent Maid'? Hope you like it. Now, I am working on a new 1D fanfiction called 'Cruel', but I need some help.

    I can't think of any name of the characters, so I hope you guys can give me some ideas. There are quite a lot of characters, so here are the list for the names I want:

1. Main Actress

2. Main Actress's BFF, Liam's girlfriend (not so soon)

3. Harry's Girlfriend, Main Actress's Enemy

4. Liam's Girlfriend (will broke up)

5. Niall's Gilfriend

6. Zayn's Sister

   If you are interested in any characters above, please enter your name and profile. Here is an example:

Name: Mary

Hair colour: blonde

Hair length: reach my shoulder

Eyes colour: blue

Skin colour: pale/tan (choose one)

Height: 5ft 6 inch

Character intersted: Main Actress

    Understand? Please follow the format above and enter it the comment. You can do it in the comment of my another fanfiction, 'My Nerdy Girl'.

    I know there will be a lot of you who want to be those characters, so here comes a competition. Just type 'letmejoin' in the comments and the competitor with the most phrases of 'letmejoin' can get your own favourite characters. But be careful, there are a few rules you need to follow:

1. Each comment can only carry 10 phrases of 'letmejoin'.

2. Do not give rude comments and do not swear.

3. Stay tune for the new fanfiction 'Cruel'.

4. Follow all the rules.

Please follow all the rules. If you don't do so, you will be disqualified. Good Luck! :)

Best Wishes,

Little Directioner


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