Fallen Love

Now I understand why it's called "falling in love". 'Cause everything that falls, gets broken.


7. Chapter 7

Addie's POV~

"Ugh, I would die to get a hug from Niall." Emmie desperately said, laying back onto my bed and stared at the ceiling.

I let out a laugh and continued telling her about my experience. "I have to say, Louis gives pretty good hugs too, you would enjoy that, knowing how much you adore him." 

Emmie was blushing when she sat up because she knew it was true. How can someone not be in love with Louis, to be honest? But Niall will always be my favorite.

I finished telling her everything about what happened as my phone started buzzing. I was getting a call.

I walked over to check who it was, and stopped dead in my tracks. It was Niall. Niall was calling me.

"Addie, what's wrong?" Emmie asked worriedly, climbing off the bed and rushing to my side. "Oh my god. Is that who I think it is calling you? I-i think I'm going to faint." 

I picked up my phone and hit the "answer" button. 

"H-h-hello?" I asked, my voice sounding shaky. 

"Hi there love! How are you today?" Niall's voice coming from the cell phone. "I'm good! How are you?"

"Great, actually! I was calling to see if you wanted to hang out today? I have a day off and was looking for something to do. Maybe we could get some food and go back to my place, if you want?" Niall asked, sounding nervous for my response. 

"Of course! I would love to hang out with you today! That sounds great! Um, would it be okay if I brought my best friend along? She has always wanted to meet you and I promise she will be calm. Please?" The silence in the phone made it a little awkward, and for a second I thought he hung up.

"Anything to make you happy!" Niall exclaimed, enthusiasm in his voice. "Meet me at Nandos at 11:30 to grab a bite! See you then love! Bye for now!" After that, he hung up. 

I put my phone on my dresser, and looked at Emmie. Her skin was as white as snow and she lost all expression in her face. She couldn't believe it either.

"Well c'mon girl, I believe we have a date today. Maybe Niall will bring a certain British boy along!" I winked at Ashley as she gave me a stare.

"I can't help it! Louis is just so perfect! And I'm not even joking!" Emmie seemed very excited, but sorta nervous too.

I'm sure she was. If anything, I know I was. All I could focus on was seeing Niall again, finally.

*driving to Nandos*

My eardrums are probably damaged as More Than This blares into my ears. Emmie and I have the best time when we get in the car, laughing and singing along to our favorite songs on the radio. 

I pulled into the shopping center where Nandos was located, and found a spot next to an old Ford Jeep.

Emmie and I took a deep breath and got out of the car. The sun was super bright, blinding me as I shut my car door. 

I found Niall standing on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant, with one of the boys. LOUIS. Yay, now Emmie and Louis can get to know each other!

We both crossed the street and ran into the boys arms, picking our feet off the ground and them spinning us around a few times.

We said our hello's and walked inside. I ordered my food after Niall who said he would pay for me. He's such a gentlemen.

Emmie and I found a table while Louis and Niall got our drinks for us. They joined us at the booth and we started to chat. 

"You guys are so lucky to be traveling the world doing what you love!" I said, pounding my fist on the table in jealousy. We talked and talked more and more, until we got our food.

After pounding down our lunches in less than 3 minutes, Louis and Emmie decided to go outside for a walk, leaving Niall and I alone.

"So, how are the rest of the boys?" I asked shyly, taking another sip of my soda.

"They're great actually! I'm not sure where they are since it's our day off. Probably playing golf or something." Niall laughed his adorable laugh, making me almost hyperventilate right there at the table. Everything about him was just so great, exactly what a girl could ask for. If only it was me.

"Addie, can I ask you a question?" Niall glanced up at me, nervousness in his eyes. "Of course you can."

"Well, I know we only met a couple days ago, but when I first saw you, I fell in love. You are so gorgeous, and I have a feeling you are my princess. I know it's a little corny, but it's the truth. I wanted to ask you.. will you be my girlfriend?" Niall asked me, everything around me started to get blurry.

I didn't know what to do, all I could see were those crystal eyes.

The last thing I remember was Niall's worried face, and Emmie and Louis entering the restaurant, and then everything went black. 

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