Fallen Love

Now I understand why it's called "falling in love". 'Cause everything that falls, gets broken.


6. Chapter 6

Addie's POV~

I turned around to find myself inches away from Niall's face, and I lose all color in my skin. I look down, where he has grabbed my arm, and hasn't managed to let go.

"Oh, sorry." He said, letting go of my arm. "I just couldn't let you leave without knowing your name."

I stood there in shock, staring into his mysterious eyes. They were glistening so beautifully.

"Oh, my name is Adeline." I smiled at him, moving my eyes to his lips that showed his perfect white teeth.

"Could I have your number, if that's alright?" Niall asked, looking a little embarrassed to ask me.

"Of course!" He pulled out his phone, and typed in the number as I told him.

"Thank you so much and I'll make sure to text you or give you a call once I get on the road! Hope you had a good time tonight! I have to go so I will see you later! Bye love."

He gave me a hug, and a quick wink as he ran off, hopping onto the bus as it drove away. I couldn't wait to see his face again.

*the next day*

I woke up to see my new poster hanging on my wall in front of me. What a perfect thing to wake up to.

I leaned over to unplug my phone and turn on my light. There were 3 text messages and two missed calls, all from my best friend Emmie. 

Her real name is Emylyn, but I call her Emmie for short. She has been my bestfriend ever since I met her, and I honestly don't know what I would do without her. She has wavy, dark brown hair & the most gorgeous blue/silver eyes. She is so pretty, and we act exactly alike. I love her so much.

{ To Addie; From Emmie(: 
OMG!! I can't believe you met One Direction yesterday!! You have to tell me all about it! Please respond soon! Oh, and good morning best friendd(; }

{ To Addie; From Emmie(: 
Addieeee please answerr! I need to know what it was like yesterday! Please answer me! }

{ To Addie; From Emmie(:

I laughed to myself, as to how angry and impatient she was getting. She can always make me laugh, and always make me smile.

I thought I should probably text her back, or she might explode. I tapped the "Reply" button and began texting.

{ To Emmie(: ; From Addie 
Hi miss Emylyn! Sorry for not answering earlier I was sleeping from being up so late last night(: instead of texting you everything that happened, come over to my house pleasee! I haven't seen you in awhile and I miss youu! Text me back and please please please come over(: love you emmiee }

I hit the "Send" button and waited for an answer back.

After about twenty minutes of waiting on my bed scrolling through tweets and pictures, Emmie finally texted me.  

{ To Addie; From Emmie(:
On my way over now! Miss & love you tooooo!(: }

I smiled at the text and plugged my phone back in. The doorbell rang, so I ran down the steps to answer it. Emmie only lives to houses away so it doesn't take long for her to run over. 

I opened the door to find my beautiful best friend standing there, hair in a messy bun and still in her pajamas. I guess she was really eager to hear about last night.

We both screamed in unison and ran into each other's arms. It felt so good to see her again. 

I invited her inside and we walked up to my room. We brought some snacks and drinks up and sat on my bed. Knowing that I had to tell her every little detail about yesterday, it was going to me one long day.

**hi guys! sorry for the bad chapter, but I'm trying to update as much as I can! feedback would be great cuz I love hearing from you! thanks for reading and I hope you are liking it so far! I love you all(: ~



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