Fallen Love

Now I understand why it's called "falling in love". 'Cause everything that falls, gets broken.


2. Chapter 2

Addie's POV~

I stared down at my hands, paralyzed as to what was in them. Although I had no emotion in my face, the emotions inside of me were incredible.

To be honest, I didn't know how to feel, I was still in shock. I glanced up at my parents, who's smiles turned into a frown. My siblings looked the same, also. I guess the expression on my face made me look upset, but I was far from upset.

"Oh my god. Is this what I think it is? No, it can't be. No way." I asked, waiting for an answer from my parents. 

"Adeline, yes. Yes, it is what you think it is. You are gonna meet them, Addie. You're actually going to meet them." my mom told me, her smile reappearing on her beautiful face.

The rest of my family had their smiles on their face also, and all I could do was cry. Just cry. It's kinda pathetic, but that was all I could do. I wasn't crying because I was upset, but because I was so happy.

"Honey, why are you crying? Aren't you happy?" my dad asked me as he came over to the couch. "Of course I'm happy, I just can't believe this is happening. I am gonna meet them. Oh my god." I answered.

My emotions finally come back to me, and my face lights up brighter than you could imagine. I've never smiled so big, I'm pretty sure my mouth will be sore. "AHHHHHHH! I'M ACTUALLY MEETING ONE DIRECTION! I GET TO HUG THEM AND TALK TO THEM, AND SEE THEM IN PERSON. Holy crap, this is the best day of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you all so muchhh!!" I ran over to them and gave all of them a hug, squeezing them a little too hard. 

I went back over to the meet & greet tickets, and held them to my chest. I just stood there for 5 minutes, closing my eyes and imagining the day when I get to hug the people I love. Especially hugging Niall. I get a Horan hug, an actual Horan hug. 

Once I realized that I was standing there for so long, I grabbed all my presents and took them to my room. I layed them on my bean bags and chair, and hopped onto my bed, still holding the tickets in my hand.

This can't be real. Best birthday ever. I've never been so excited in my entire life. I get to meet all five of them.

I leaned back onto my pillow, and closed my eyes, still dreaming about the day when my wish comes true.


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