trapped in a world of hate

hey, my names jenna millings. my sister and mother abuse me. i have tried to escape multiple times but always fail because they call the police on me. when a mysterious boy walks into my life will he save me or just plunge my life deeper into hell? read my story and find out.


2. chapter two

jenna/brinleys pov.


i have been living in my moms car for about a month now and it hasnt been hard actually. I saved up about 300 dollars for when i escaped but my face has been plastered all over the news so i had to buy hair dye and contacts just to walk around. so now im blonde and have green eyes and im supposedly from somewhere in utah at least thats what i say to people. but anyway i got a job  at a bakery so i get to take the extras and it pays really well.


"brinley?" my boss said. "ya?" "i need you to make about three hundred cupcakes for a very special guest." my boss said while taking count of supplies. "what?! why 300 cupcakes and whos the costumer?" i said while getting out the mixer. "harry styles and he's throwing a party for his friend niall horans birthday." she said while putting the clip board on a hook and putting the recipe for the cupcakes up for me as well. " wait repeat who that was im not sure i heard you right." i said while turning around to look at her. " harry styles dear. why?" i staggered back and bumped into the counter. "um hes just one of the most famous people in the world right now. thats all" she looked at me like i was crazy. "seriously? well i guess i wouldnt know seeing that im sixty five and all." i grabbed the recipe and started getting out the ingredients. "right. thats the reason." i started mixing all te stuff for the first batch and heard some keys jingling. "where you going?" i asked as i turned around and watched my boss put her coat on. "my husband and i are going to a funeral very far away so we have to leave early. but dont worry, i'll lock the shop up so no one comes in and you can work on the cupcakes." she headed towards the door and i looked back down at the mixing bowls and sighed. "alright. thanks. see you tomorrow or something." she said a quick goodbye and locked the door. "great. i'll be here till five in the morning" i thought as i let the machine pour the batter into the pans. {many hours later} "finally im done" i thought as i put the last tray on the rack. i grabbed my stuff and locked the backdoor and headed towards my stolen car. "only took me eight hours." i thought as i got in and drove to my hotel. "oh well. i get to cater one direction tomorrow." i pulled into a parking space and walked past reception to the elevator. "but maybe some representative will come pick it up instead. i hope not." the elevator stopped and i ran to my room and collapsed on my bed. "oh well. i baked cupcakes for one direction. who else gets the chance to do that." i was to tired to change so i pulled the covers up and fell asleep instantaneously.

*author thingy*

ok soooooo its been six months since i updated. sorry. school started and family stuff happened and a ton of friend drama. anyway, someone explain how i have over a hundred views for one chapter. seriously. anyway, i need my readers to remind me to update by commenting. thats what reminds me to update. so all you have to do is comment hi. really. ok thats all. hope it was a good chapter. bye bye.


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