trapped in a world of hate

hey, my names jenna millings. my sister and mother abuse me. i have tried to escape multiple times but always fail because they call the police on me. when a mysterious boy walks into my life will he save me or just plunge my life deeper into hell? read my story and find out.


1. chapter one

"Get your fat ass out of bed you lazy bitch!" I heard my sister sarah scream. ugh what does she want now? i thought. i slowly got out from under the covers and looked at myself in the mirror. maybe sarah and mom are right, i am a fat bitch. i thought. i looked at the non-existent gap in my thighs. i couldnt bare to look anymore and walked over to my dresser and put on a sky blue tank top and black skinny jeans with navy blue converse and a powder blue beanie. i walked to my bathroom and shut the door and locked it. i took a shower and dried off. i put on my my foundation, powder, and bronzer then put on a slight bit of blue eyeshadow on and then put on mascara and eyeliner. i brushed my darkish brown hair and straightened it. i looked at my crystal blue eyes and walked out of the bathroom only to be slapped by my mom. "Sarah told you to get up an hour a go!" had it really been that long? i thought."im sorry i lost track of time!" i said to her hoping she wouldnt hit me again. unfortunately she still hit me. " never talk back to me without permission!" she screamed at me. i saw my sister standing a few feet away stiffling a laugh. i got up and walked over to sarah. "bitch" i said to her. "what did you say to me you little peice of shit?!" she screamed at me. "i said, your a fucking bitch oh and your a whore too!" i screamed at her. i ran down the stairs after i gave them both the finger and grabbed my phone, the car keys, and my escape bag. i ran outside and hopped in the car and stuck the key in the ignition and put the car in reverse. i saw my mom and sister running out of the house while i put the car in reverse and backed into the trashcans spilling them everywhere. have fun cleaning that up bitches. i thought whille i sped down the street. i turned on the radio and "applause" came on so i turned up the radio to full blast while i left my old life behind me. while in front of me was a whole new life.




hey guys so this is my first movella and im only twelve so forgive my writing and stuff. anyway i know i left out details about jenny so here is her bio: she is seventeen with darkish brown hair and crystal blue eyes and freckles all over her face. her dad died when she was about five and her mom blamed it on her because she spent the most time with him so she started beating her. and she is homeschooled. more will be revealed later. bai


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