The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

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6. your hot when your angry;

chapter 6

Rumana's POV

I Can't believe he did that to me, I thought he liked me but I guess not he returned consciousness he's gonna get in shit with me now! I ran over there and slapped him in the face 
J: what the fuck!!
Me: don't you what the fuck me asshole you cheated on me!
J: yea I did so what skank ass hoe!
Me: stop calling me that! 
I pushed him 
Me: stop calling me that!
I kept hitting him
finally the girls came over and pulled me back!
J: ooh feisty kitty
Jov: Shut the fuck up Justin! 
she went over and pushed him and punched him she kept kicking and hitting him she picked him up and pushed him up against the wall and punched him in the face
Jov: don't you ever come near her ever again!!
J: so what you little bitch what are you gonna do!!
we could see we she was about to blow! So we pulled he back she kept trying to get out of our hold but we held her there, after 5 minutes we decided to let her go but then Justin started to push her and hit her in the face
J: your just a little bitch so go fuck yourself!! 
the guys ran and pulled him back while we held her back 
Jov: screw you!
we walked away but just then he yelled
J: you know your hot when your mad he was smirking and Chris punched him in the face
Chris: don't you ever talk to my girlfriend like that!
the guys let him be now he had no friends, he was just a beat up friendless jerk that no one liked I'm never giving him a chance ever again! Jovana really beat his ass straight, everyone was just staring at the fight shocked she'd do that I was shocked Claire wasn't because she's been friends with her longer so she must of known she was very violent.

Jovana's POV

I'm so sick of Justin and I've only known him for half a day like what the fuck I was bringing Chris over to my house because my moms not home and neither is my older sister she's to busy with university but I don't care I rather be with Chris alone if you know what I mean ;) 
me and Chris went inside and took our shoes off I had to do the dishes my mom always makes me do everything! Chris wanted to help me but while I was washing the dishes I picked up the sprayer and sprayed him I started laughing 
Chris: your gonna get it now!
Me: (screams)
he took soap and started rubbing it all over me we sprayed each other and covered each other with soap my moms gonna kill from the mess we made but right now I don't care, Chris came towards me and kissed me I kissed back and dropped the sprayer on the floor he lifted me up on the counter and we started to make out he licked my bottom lip and and I excepted our tongues fought for dominance and he won he took my shirt off and my pants, I did the same (no details)

Claire's POV 

So we all split up after school Rumana went by herself :( ughh I hate that Justin kid he hurt her and he can suck a dick for all I care I went to Ryan's house and we snuggled up on his king sized bed and watched movies until he asked if I wanted to go to Starbucks I nodded my head and smiled we left his house and drove to Starbucks, I got a chocolatety chip frap and he just got the pumpkin spice latte
Ry: you got whipped cream on you face
Me: where?
Ry: here I got it 
he stood up a licked the whipped cream off my top lip I giggled he was so cute
Me: hey Ry you got something on your face
Ry: really where?
I took the whipped cream and put it on his nose 
Me: right there 
I laughed 
Ry: very funny
I smirked and we just say there and drank our coffee.

Rumana's POV

Today sucked it felt like someone just took my heart and stabbed it repeatedly I took my diary and wrote

Dear Diary,
today was shitty as hell I found out my ex Justin cheated, Jovana beat his ass repeatedly, and he keeps calling me something I don't like which is 'skank ass hoe' today was so not a perfect day 

Justin's POV

That's right I cheated on Rumana but you think I give a shit, I lost all my friends though but I know for sure they'll come crawling back one by one, I love making Jovana mad it's so funny, Chris got so angry with me when I called her hot but I got to admit she is hot when she is mad, I came home all beat up my mom thought I got caught in a gang fight but I would probably beat the shit out of all of them I walked upstairs and took off my clothes it's really late so I'm gonna go to bed and I'm gonna have a new rep the asshole no one likes well except for Selena.

hey guys I decided to make another chapter, there's heartache, fights, and love I hope you enjoyed it please give feedback and also I made the chapter a bit longer for you guys thx if you haven't already pls like and favourite and please become a fan of me thx love J<3

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