The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

****Copyright © 2013-14 DrxwsRcyrus & Thatonetimeboy. All Rights Reserved.****


2. Where did it go?

                                            chapter 2 hope you like it

                                                 Rumana's POV

Ok so today is my second day and it's going to suck since I messed up the first day I ripped the covers off my body and walked to the shower I turned on the water and hopped in I loved how the warm water hit my skin I washed my body and hair with my coconut shampoo and mango body wash, I loved smelling like tropical fruit they always smell so good anyway I walked to my closet grabbed see through pantyhose tights and black ripped shorts I grabbed a white loose tank with a gold skull on it and last but not least my maroon doc martins, I walked to the bathroom and put my hair in loose curls and did my make up same as yesterday I decided I was gonna bring my diary to school because I was gonna need to write in it today, I grabbed my phone my diary and put it in my brown shoulder bag  and walked downstairs ignoring my mom telling me to drive my little brother like I swear she doesn't see how much my life sucks because she never gives me any sympathy I walked to my white Ferrari ignoring my annoying brother I just yelled walk to him, I jumped into my car and drove out of the drive way and to the school and when I got there I parked in the available parking spot and got out I was the laughing stalk of the school I told everyone to fuck off and I just hid my face, I got to my locker I opened it but it got slammed shut by the jerk Justin 
J: oops sorry whore
Me: don't you have a slut to suck face with? 
J: what did you say to me
uh oh I let my cocky self get ahead of me and now hear comes another beating he punched me in the stomach 4 times and then threw me to the other set of lockers and punch me in the face, I fell to the floor bleeding bruised and broken
Chaz: whoa dude you beat a girl 
J: she deserved it
Ryan: yea she probably did I mean she is a whore
J: alright let's just go and let her cry
they left I could barely move the hallways were clear and it was just me crying my eyes out, why couldn't I just self defend I don't know it's just whenever he comes around I get scared I freeze and I can't do anything I decided to miss my 4 periods again I just couldn't bare any of this I got on my feet that could barely walk my sides hurt and my nose was full of dry blood I went to the bathroom and washed off the blood and went do the hallway and sat in the library I took out my diary and wrote

Dear Diary,
today I got beaten again and no one cared why does my life suck this bad I mean why did this have to happen to me like am the worst person on earth or something anyway I haven't seen Claire today so maybe she's sick or something but I just hate myself I mean this is exactly what I came here to get away from and it happens again, Justin Drew Bieber has no heart what so ever I mean he is so handsome no wonder he's the most popular guy but he's an asshole and violent.
- me :(

I closed the book and left to the lunch room because the 2 periods were already over.

                                                    Justin's POV

I was walking to the lunch room when I tripped on something I looked down and saw I red book that said think on it I opened it and saw it was that whore Rumana's diary I read the whole thing I actually thought this was hilarious and the part where she said I was handsome was priceless but part of me feels bad but I have no idea why?


                                                 Rumana's POV

I walked into the lunch room and sat down I decided to go on my phone and text Claire  I opened my bag and realized that my diary wasn't there! Oh my god where is it! Someone could read it everything in it is way to personal! Oh wait it must be where I walked in the hallway when I closed it, I ran to the spot and checked it wasn't there I ran to the library and checked where I sat it wasn't there oh someone definitely took it! My life is over. 

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