The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

****Copyright © 2013-14 DrxwsRcyrus & Thatonetimeboy. All Rights Reserved.****


9. What's happening with Ryan and Claire?

*Justin's POV* 

  I can't believe she accepted me back, I'm so happy! I couldn't be happier! Rumana snuggled into me, I smiled, she tickled my chest "Stop it" I said  Why Justin? She winked back at me,  J: because, uhm, cus, otherwise ima have to get you R: catch me if you can she teased me I grabbed her head, pulling her up to my level, she helped, and I slammed my lips against hers! She pulled away J: what's wrong Ru? R:nothing baby.. Did you hear that? She looked worried! J: no, what is it? R: it sounds like someone's crying.. But only Ryan and Claire are here other than us, they were happy as hell when we left them not 10 minutes ago.. Rumana grabbed Claire's sexy silk red gown and wrapped it around her body, damn that gown looked good on her I grabbed her hand and lead her around the house, I was wearing only boxers.. Damn, Claire's house felt extremely big trying to find our way through it in the dark.. I used my phone light!  Shit, it's Ryan crying... WHATS UP BRO I shouted!    *Ryans POV*  I can't believe this, it's gonna be amazing, perfect, I'm so happy!  Justin crept up and lowered himself next to me "What's up bro" he questioned me J: what's upset you bro, I will sort them out! They won't stand a chance, you know that right I laughed R: I'm completely the opposite mate, I'm the happiest I've ever been, my life is perfect right now I heard Claire calling "baby, come back to bed I miss you"  R: one second beautiful, I'm chatting to Justin C: okay, but hurry up!  I smiled!  J; I've never seen you so happy, what's making you like this?  R: you will find out in good time bro, trust me! It's 3am anyway so I'm gonna run on back to bed, go grab Ru while you still got her! We both giggled  J: very funny bro, I ain't losing her this time, she ain't got a chance We grabbed hands, pulled in, banged shoulders and hit each others backs R: see you tomorrow mate, good luck Justin walked back to the spare room, Rumana was already waiting for him up there! I decided to creep back upstairs and into our room R: hey princess I'm back I walked to Claire's side of the bed and she lifted her head up, asking for a kiss. I pushed my lips against hers and climbed over her while still kissing, I forced my tongue into  her mouth, i felt the cheeky grin rise on her face I released, and got undressed, leaving only my boxers on I crawled back into bed and kissed my angel on the cheek, she snuggled herself back into bed and lowered her shoulders beneath the duvet. Wow, she looked cute!    *Claires POV*  He grabbed my waist pulling me right into him, everything was touching!  R: I couldn't be happier baby He gently caressed my lips  I smiled, he must have felt the smirk arise on my face because he somehow managed to pull me even closer I removed my mouth from his, and he rolled over to his back, I invited myself to lay on his chest, I started to run my fingers up and down his stomach, feeling him tense every time I went near his v-line, he was very ticklish there!  Does anyone else know about it he whispered to me No, still only you and Jovana know bab, have you said anything to anyone?  No, I've not opened my mouth to anyone. Good, I smiled He looked down to me, we should get some sleep baby, tomorrows gonna be a long day!  I nodded, Ryan closed his eyes but held me as tight as he could, it felt like he never wanted to let go, I thought to myself THIS is forever!    *in the spare room*  *Justins POV* j: I wonder why Ryan's so happy though, do you know anything bub? Has Claire told you anything?  R: no she hasn't said a word to me about anything..  J: strange, I will see if either of them open up tomorrow, Im getting tired now though, *i pouted* , we have got an extremely long day tomorrow though so we had better get some sleep!  I turned myself onto my side, and cuddled into my girl, I could tell that she liked the idea because she pulled herself closer to me,  Love you, I whispered in her ear just before we both fell asleep.      REVIEWS PLEASE? What do YOU think is going on with Ryan and Claire? Post comments below, this was written by Claire so could you tell me if you like this chapter or not please? Chapter 10 will be posted some time tomorrow by me!:)    thankyou for reading and hope you're enjoying the story so far, love to all! 
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