The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

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3. what happened?

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                                                   Justin's POV

So I just found Rumana's diary I feel really bad for hurting her I need to find her
Ryan: dude where you going?
Me: not important I catch up with you later
Ryan: ok bye bro
I ran out of there I found her standing in the hallway pacing and looking worried probably about her diary I ran up to her and she turned around and looked scared she started to run I ran after her
Me: wait stop I'm not gonna hurt you!
she kept running I finally caught up to her I held her down up against the wall
Rumana: let go of me!
Me: no but I'm not gonna hurt you
Rumana: then what are you gonna do?
Me: I found your diary
Rumana: oh god you probably read it and it's very personal!
Me: I did but I feel bad that I hurt you and I'm very sorry
Rumana: save it just give me my diary
Me: ok here
Rumana: bye
Me: wait!

Rumana what! 
Me: come hang with me and my friends 
Rumana: why?
Me: isn't it obvious that I want to hangout with you?
Rumana: ok fine I'll hangout with you crew...
she didn't seem happy from the idea but she still agreed we walked into the cafeteria and everyone was shocked and confused on why I was hanging out with her, I'm not gonna lie looking in her eyes makes me realize how beautiful she really is
we were gonna sit at my table but I didn't want my friends judging or asking me questions right now so me and her sat at a different table and then she asked me a question is never thought I'd hear
Rumana: why the sudden change of heart?
Me: well I didn't like hurting you and I realized how I hurt a beautiful girl
Rumana: really you think I'm beautiful? she said with a small smile
Me: yeah I do. I said with a big grin
we laughed and we talked about her old school and she invited me to her house after school.

*End of school*

Rumana's POV

I invited him to my house because my brother is walking home and my moms going out so we're gonna be alone but not like the way you think I hope... anyway we took my car because I offered to give him a ride to school in the morning so he could get his car back we got to my house and went to my room 
Me: so what do you want to do?
J: well we could... um watch a movie
Me: ok pick a movie I'm just gonna change into something more comfortable
J: ok
I went over to my closet and picked a grey v-neck and black sweat shorts I went to the bathroom and took my bra off because when I'm getting comfortable I don't like bras I put the clothes on removed my make up took out the curls and made my hair like my natural hair I walked out and Justin's mouth dropped a little I just giggled and laid next to him 
Me: what did you pick?
J: project x
Me: ok 
I turned on the movie......
now it was almost the end of the movie and me and Justin were cuddling then he did something I'd never thought he'd do he started kissing my neck then he went on top of me and started to kiss me roughly his tongue licked my bottom lip and I let him enter, I have no idea what we were doing but oh my god I never wanted this to end! I bit his lip tugging on it and he bit his lip I knew what that meant so I pushed him off

J: what's wrong babe
Me: I'm not ready yet..
J: oh I get it that's fine but at least I got to kiss you I'm sorry but your so sexy I couldn't resist!
Me: yeah me neither
J: well I better get going it's getting late
Me: oh ya I'll drive you home
J: no I'll walk 
Me: are you sure I mean I-
J: no I'm fine trust me
Me: okay fine I'll let you
J: ok bye babe
he kissed me and left I squealed and ran to my diary and wrote 

Dear Diary,
I know I've already wrote in you today but oh my god today actually turned good like Justin became my friend he came over we watched a movie and then we made out in my bed! this is crazy do I have a new boyfriend or what!
-me :)

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