The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

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1. total fuck up day :(

Hi guys this is my new fanfic The Girl With The Secret Diary hope you all like it. :)

Rumana's POV


Hi I'm Rumana today I'm starting at Revlons High, because something bad happened in my old school.. that I have to move and change schools so now I'm in Stratford Canada and I'm going to this unknown school. I know it won't be a good first day because everyone stares and makes fun of you unless your a total slut then you'll get the other kind of attention, I have this diary no one knows about because it has lots of personal things, I haven't even shown my best friend Claire this and I never will, and my best friend Claire lives in Stratford, she moved away when we were in grade 9 and now I'm in grade 11 so it's been 2 years since the last I've seen her and I know I know your thinking why show up to the new school when your graduating in grade 12 but trust me I have my reasons... anyway she is going to the same school so that's the only upside to going to this 'new school' that I don't even want to go to but it's better then going to the hell hole I call my old school, but anyway I took a shower and blow dried my wavy brown locks, I went to my closet put on a white bra and purple lace panties I took a loose white lace tank  with ripped light blue shorts with navy blue all star sneakers, I walked into the bathroom put some lip gloss and mascara and a bit of eyeliner, I grabbed my brown leather shoulder bag and my white iPhone 5 and ran downstairs said bye to my mom and my annoying 14 year old brother is just starting high school and I have drive him so I jumped in my white Ferrari and so did my brother he was just on his blackberry texting his annoying little ass friends, I pulled up to the school parked into the available parking spot and then my annoying brother just ran out and slammed the car door

Me: bye to you to asshole!
I said like I'm nice enough to give him a ride and he doesn't even say thanks or bye like screw you Dylan 
anyways when I was getting out of my car I was about to close the door but some guy bumped into me making me fall to the hard concrete!

Stranger: hey watch where your going whore!
Me: how bout you watch your mouth before I sack you!
Stranger: ooh feisty
Me: screw you 
Stranger: skank ass hoe
and then I punched him in the face and then sacked him everyone started crowding, wow my first day and I already got in a fight and my classes didn't even started yet 
but I heard the guy I punched was Justin Drew Bieber or something like that but then we heard a girl scream
Girl: Justin!
yep his name is Justin
Girl: why the fuck did you do this to him
Me: I don't have to answer shit to you
all the guys were 'whooing' and whistling
I just rolled my eyes and left and went inside the school and Claire ran up to me

Claire: oh my god it's only your first day and you already beat up the most popular guy in school Justin Drew Bieber
Me: I don't care if he's popular 
Claire: OMG he's going to beat you or embarrass you
then we heard the lockers bang and I saw Justin walking up to me
J: there you are you little bitch look what you did to my face
Me: I think I made your face took better
everybody knew I just owned him
J: everybody clear the halls now!
Claire gave me a worried look 
Me: it's ok go
and with that she left and now it was just me and him one on one 
J: ok whore now it's just you and me
Me: way to state the obvious 
J: don't talk to me like that
Me: I can talk to you anyway I want to I'm not your slut
the I got a burning sensation on my left cheek he just slapped me and then he pushed me up against the lockers and started punching me in the ribs and in the face then he said
J: if you ever talk like that to me again I will hurt you even more you skank ass hoe!
he left I just slid down the locker and started crying because my nose was all bloody including my mouth my ribcage was all bruised and broken
and I'm also crying because the memories are flooding back the horrible memories I suffered and now this is happening again 
I cried for 2 periods and now it was lunch I went to the bathroom and my mascara and eyeliner was all over my face I tried wiping it but only half of it would come off, great now everyone is gonna see my makeup stained eyes I just took my binder and put it over my face I walked into the cafeteria and all eyes went on me and everyone started whispering and saying 'whore' and 'skank'
great I come here to have a fresh start and I messes it all up and now it's happening again, I didn't eat and my friend Claire was taking extracurricular classes so she wasn't in the lunch room 

*End Of School*

I went to my Ferrari without even bothering driving my little brother home I drove home and I got a text from my brother telling me that I'm a bitch for making him walk home I walked to the front door opened it and immediately my mother started screaming at me
Mom: Rumana why the hell did you show up for any of your classes
Me: because everything is happening again mom and I cried all day that's why
and before she could say anything else I ran upstairs into my room and started to cry I grabbed my diary and wrote 

Dear Diary,
today was a total fuck up day and it was only my first day! I beat up
the most popular guy in school Justin Bieber and then he ended up beating my ass even worse, this is all starting to become like last year and this was supposed to be a fresh start and now I'm already the fucking school whore omg I hate my life
- me :(

after I was done writing I slipped on a tank top and and sweat shorts put my hair in a messy bun removed the make up on my face and went to bed I'm so not looking forward for tomorrow.

Hey guys this is the first chapter please give good feedback love J<3

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