The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

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21. On The Edge To Suicide.

Rumana's POV

We all paced back and forth outside Jovana's room.

"Claire how does she remember you and not us" I said

"I have no idea, I swear but if she doesn't start remembering this is gonna be bad. All the memories we all had together just gone in a fucking second" Claire said

"Mrs. Butler, I'm sorry to interrupt but if you guys are all wondering why she doesn't remember most of you except Claire it could be severe memory loss to the point where she only remembers the person she had longest in her life" Dr. Gordon explained.

"Hold on guys I'm gonna go talk to her" Claire said

Claire's POV

I opened the door and sat next to her.

"Jovana, are you sure you don't remember or like even recognize any of them?"

"I think one of them looks familiar" she said

"Who?" I questioned

"The one that goes by the name D-Dr-"


"Yeah that's him!"

"Do you know that he is your boyfriend?"

"He is?"

"But I thought my boyfriends name was Chris?"

Uh Oh fuck did she really need to remember that!

"He was, but um Jovana since you lost your memory there's something you don't know"

"And that is?"

"Well Chris..Chris is dead" I said quickly


she started crying really hard


I hugged her tightly while she cried, I wish she didn't remember him to be honest. But what can you do he was her first and forever love.

I then left her to be alone for a bit

"What happened, we heard crying in there"

"Well good news and bad news, she remembers Drake but not as a boyfriend. She umm..remembered Chris as the boyfriend and then I had to tell her he was dead"

Drake sat there motionless and the rest of us felt horrible about all of this.

Drake stood up and started walking,

"Dude where are you going?" Justin said

"I'll be back" he shouted

Drakes POV

I walked in the house and slammed the door behind me, I started to cry today was the day I was gonna propose but now she doesn't remember me as her boyfriend, I took the ring box out of my pocket,

I looked at it and then threw it in frustration and anger

I put my head in my hands and just cried, I love her so much and I'm basically gone from her memory.

I punched a hole in the wall and then left the house slamming the door behind me, I have to see her.

*Few Hours Later*

I walked in the hospital and saw only Claire sleeping there.

I tapped her lightly a few times to wake her.

"Claire where is everyone?"

"They went out to eat, I insisted on staying until you came back and plus she's my best friend so I couldn't leave her just yet"

"Go and be with them I'll be fine"

"You sure?"

"Yeah go ahead"

she was gone in a matter of seconds

I needed to see Jovana, I put my hand on the doorknob took a deep breath and slowly turned it.

I opened the door to see her bed was empty, I freaked the fuck out.


my heart sunk into my chest, but then I thought: where would my memory loss crying about her dead boyfriend of a girlfriend go?

I remembered that she would probably go to the highest place she could find.

Then my mind signalled me: "The Hospital Roof"

I ran as fast as I could to the roof top, and then when I got there I saw her standing on the edge of the roof and looking down.

"Jovana, don't do this"

"Why should I be here my boyfriends gone, I don't remember anyone besides Chris, Claire and you"

she was about to jump but I bolted towards her and pulled her back onto the roof, she cried and cried into my should and-


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