The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

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4. new girl and new relationships

Chapter 4 thx give lots of feed back!

Claire's POV

So I've barely got to share anything of myself and finally I can well umm I'm Rumana's best friend also I'm in grade 11 and going to the same school, anyway I'm gonna get ready for school I didn't come yesterday because I somehow got sick but I'm fine now I went to shower I turned on the water and jumped in I washed my hair and my body, turned off the water and wrapped a purple towel around my body and walked out to the cold air I took the towel of and went to my closet and pulled out blue skinny jeans a loose stripped sweater, a scarf and my brown leather ankle boots it was cold today so I'm gonna be warm but fashionable I walked to my bathroom and did loose curls, my make up was red lipstick, and a nude smokey eye with eyeliner and mascara, I checked myself out in the mirror damn I look hot! I grabbed my black shoulder bag my iPhone 5 and ran downstairs no one was home so I just drove to school in a shiny black Ferrari it's my moms because her lazy ass won't buy me a car so she just lets me use it I was off to school...

*before school started*

Rumana's POV

So I have to get dressed and pick Justin up then go to school I already showered I blow dried my hair and straightened it, I walked to my closet and picked up a hot pink sweater(shirt) and light blue ripped jeans with white doc martins I did my make up it was like a brown type pinkish smokey eye, eyeliner and mascara and pink lip gloss, I grabbed a black leather jacket and my bag, and my phone oh and I almost forgot my diary I went downstairs grabbed my car keys and drove to Justin's.....

Justin's POV

Shit Rumana is gonna be here soon and I'm nowhere near ready I quickly rinsed myself and used hair gel a comb to do my hair I grabbed black jeans a white v-neck white supras and of course my golden watch and chain I grabbed my phone and then I heard honking which meant she was here time to go to school with her...

Ryan POV

Today I hope I get to see Claire she's so beautiful and I mean that I have a huge crush but I'm not sure if she likes me back and I really want to find out you know what I'm just gonna swoop in a kiss her and hopefully she will like me I got dressed and went to my car and drove to school fingers crossed she will be there I even heard there's a new girl at school and she's best friends with Claire I wonder who she will be?

Claire's POV

I went to school I saw Ryan I walked up to him we talked about my other best friend who's joining this school but then Ryan said something and I got super confused

Ryan: I got to do something
Me: what?
Ryan: this
he smirked leaned down and kissed me oh my god I have been waiting for this I've had a huge crush on him every since but I never knew if he liked me and now I knew I kissed back he licked my bottom lip and I gladly excepted we made out for 10 minutes until Rumana and Justin came interrupting everything 
Rumana: when did this happen
Me: 15 minutes ago
J: wow Ry you finally got your dream girl ;)
Me: I was your dream girl
Ryan: uhh yea
he said blushing 
Me: aww thx baby
we got interrupted when someone yelled
Stranger: Claire!!!
I turned around and saw my other best friend Jovana
Me: oh my god Jovana!!! 
we both hugged 
Jov: I've missed you Claire! 
Me I've missed you too!
Me: Rumana this is Jovana and Jovana this is Rumana and that's also Justin and Ryan
Crew: Hi
Jov: Hi guys I look forward of being friends with all of you!

Jovana's POV

Me: oh guys I would like you to meet my boyfriend Chris he is starting here to he is actually starting here to 

they all turned around Rumana and Claire started drooling over him I just giggled and Ryan and Chaz smack they're heads to snap them out of it I started laughing my ass of like this is hilarious then Chris came up and I introduced him to everyone and he became best bros with Justin and Ryan and good friends with Claire and Rumana

Rumana's POV

Me and Justin walked into the school until he lead me to a closet
and started kissing my neck and sucking on it oh my god why must he be so hot!! He lifted me on the counter and took my shirt off with one hand and his mouth he unbuttoned my jeans with his teeth and took my boots off and took my pants off I did the same and then we made out (no details!)

Claire's POV

I wonder where Justin and Rumana went? Oh well me and Ryan were by the lockers when he picked me up and started to make out with me I wrapped my legs up against his waist and we kissed forever and I don't even know if we'll let go he put me down and we didn't break the kiss until I thought I still need to show Jovana around I should go find her and Chris I went to go find Rumana and Justin with Ryan first though....

Jovana's POV 

Me and Chris are fooling around in the hallways I'm running cuz he's trying to tickle me, I keep screaming and laughing then he caught me but I go your of his grip and pushed him to the wall I couldn't resist I jumped on him and we made out until
J: ahem
we looked up they just saw us make out awkward...

hey guys we made couple names Justmana
what do you guys think please give feedback love J<3

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