The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

****Copyright © 2013-14 DrxwsRcyrus & Thatonetimeboy. All Rights Reserved.****


13. Love Money Party, WHO TOOK THAT!?

Chapter 13 Jovana's POV Drake is the cutest and cheesiest guy ever and is an amazing rapper, we were going to go to Starbucks then the park and then the mall I know what your thinking why would you do all these things with a guy you just met, well we've actually become really good friends and I just found out that Claire is pregnant but I'm not mad I'm happy for her, well I'm getting ready to go out cuz I look like shit Drakes downstairs talking on the phone with someone, I showered and straightened my hair I went to my closet and pulled out a strapless white lace push up bra and white panties I grabbed tights a loose tank with a braided belt on it and a jean jacket on top and last but not least my white all star sneakers, I went back to the bathroom and applied red lipstick mascara and liquid eyeliner I checked myself out quick and then went downstairs grabbing my phone and got an immediate check out from Drake Drake: Whoa Me: Take a picture it lasts longer he rolled his eyes and we were off he drove off and there we were going into Starbucks and he grabbed my hand and interlocked our fingers together, we ordered and sat down Me: So what school are you going to? Drake: same one as you Me: oh ok Drake: do you just want to go to the mall or park now? Me: nah I don't really feel like doing that anymore how about we go clubbing or just go to my house Drake: let's go clubbing Me: ok I'm gonna invite my friends Rumana and Justin Drake: ok I texted them I decided that Rumana come to my house with Justin so him and Drake can become best bros or something, we arrived to my house and then 5 minutes later they show up I drag Rumana upstairs to get ready, Rumana wanted to wear something of mine I have her a strapless hot pink tight dress with black 6 inch heels I did her make up with lipgloss and a nude smokey eye I did loose curls in her hair and she was done she looked absolutely stunning Justin's better thank me because he's gonna want to get with that tonight, and way Rumana was waiting for me to get ready anyway I was wearing a black bralette leather black high waisted shorts and black high heels that went up to my mid thigh, I put on a smokey eye, red lipstick and I just kept my hair straight, we were done we walked downstairs and the guys just went thirsty Guys: WHOA Us: Come on thirsty ass boys they started to walk to the car saying how wasted they were gonna get and how high they were gonna get, we drove to the club and parked the boys practically ran in there while we just walked in there, the song love money party by Miley Cyrus blasted through the speakers the guys wanted to drink we wanted to dance so we did, did clubbing dance moves so we'd make them so horny, after they drank all they did was stare at us me and her just smirked at them we decided to stop dancing and drink up we technically drowned ourselves in vodka and tequila we were so drunk the guys weren't as drunk as us but we don't care we went to dance again we let loose and just went crazy Justin started to grind with Rumana and Drake with me we were drunk there's your excuse and plus I knew Drake liked me so he started to suck and kiss my neck probably leaving a hickey, and obviously Justin was doing that with Rumana we just went crazy and now everything's starting to blur Claire's POV So I left the hospital luckily I didn't lose the baby I have to talk to my parents and tell them I'm pregnant with Ryan's baby, they know we're gonna get married but not about the baby yet so I went over there and knocked on the door Mom(Lasandra): Oh my god Claire come in Bill Claire's here Me: Mom, Dad I have something I have to discuss with you Lasandra: sure honey go ahead Me: well you know me and Ryan are getting married but there's something else I have to tell you Lasandra: what is it? Me: well... I'm pregnant with Ryan's baby Parents: WHAT! Me: yeah that's why I haven't been home the past 2 months Lasandra: YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR A DISGRACE TO THIS FAMILY GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS HOUSE! GO PACK ALL OF YOUR SHIT LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK OR NEVER BOTHER EVEN CALLING US YOUR PARENTS! BECAUSE YOU CERTAINLY AREN'T OUR CHILD!! with that I ran to my room and started crying my eyes out, I can't believe my own mom said that to me or that my dad even let her do that.. I was now sobbing my makeup must be all smudged, I decided I was going to start packing and move in with Ryan I took every single piece of clothing and stuffed them in 3 suite cases I ran out of the house and to my car I put in all the suite cases in the trunk and drove off hoping to never see that house again, once I got to Ryan's I knocked on the door, by the way Ryan has his own house that his parents pay for so it's gonna be just me and him, anyway he answered the door Ry: oh my god Claire what happened!? Me: I told my parents about the baby and they kicked me out Ry: aww Claire well you can live here Me: I know that's why I brought my bags dumb ass *next morning* Rumana's POV I woke up with a huge hangover and naked next to Justin really no surprise, we were in Drakes house in the guest room, I walked down to the kitchen and made coffee to wake me up, then I heard a scream from upstairs then I saw Jovana downstairs Me: What's wrong J? Jov: I-I-I-I slept with Drake! Me: you just met the guy! Jov: I know! what do I do? Me: I have no idea I mean I slept with Justin Jov: yeah well that's normal because he's your boyfriend but I just met this guy yesterday! Me: calm down just don't tell him that you guys did it ok Jov: ok but what the fuck did we do last night? My head feels like shit and oh I need to throw up she ran to the toilet and I held her hair she threw up for 20 minutes before she was done Jov: ok because that happened I know we did crazy Me: yep we defiantly did Jov: how do you know? Me: because of these pictures on my phone Jov: holy shit we really did that!? Me: I guess so.. hold on there's a video lets watch it (video) us: we gonna party motherfuckers! Boys: Jovana pull off your top Jov: no thirsty boys haha Boys: pull it off pull it off pull it off Jov: no no no no Rumana: let's go jump in that pool Jov: there is no pool Rumana: yeah there is haha I'm gonna jump I'm now haha Rumana: oww ok so that's not a pool hahaha Boys: does anyone want to play boddddy sssshots? Us: it's not a game dumbasses Boys: w-w-whatever Us: no we don't Jov: OMG I love this song Us: PARTY ON BABY! Boys: No shit (end of video) Jov: who took that?! hey guys chapter 13 is here, I wonder who took that video hmm;) pls give lots of feedback, and also what do you guys want the baby's gender to be? and also what name? thx love J<3

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