The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

****Copyright © 2013-14 DrxwsRcyrus & Thatonetimeboy. All Rights Reserved.****


7. I don't want to lose it, or you

*Ryans POV* 


i invited myself around Claire's house, she took it hard, what with Justin cheating on Rumana, with Selena, I was shocked. 

"What made him, why did he do it, she was so happy, he broke her" 

"I know baby, he's been a jerk to Rumana, she didn't deserve it, but don't take it to hard on yourself Claire, I mean it!"

there was a knock at the door, I said to Claire I'll get it, you rest baby..

i walked to the door, Justin was there, I invited him in, Claire said it was fine.



*Justin's POV* 


i went to Claire's house, I needed to talk with her, I needed her to understand, just by luck, Ryan was there too.

claire: "what do you want? What have you done now?"

j: I need to tell you what happened, I need you to understand, you're the only one who can really understand me, I need you to hear me out! 

C: okay, what is it

J: well, Selena.. She.. She uhm... Well, she threatened me

Ryan and Claire: SHE WHAT? 

J: yea, she said that if I didn't get with her she would ruin my career, my life, spread rumours, I couldn't.. She wanted me to be with her, she wanted to gain more fame for her new album, so to make it seem realistic, she kissed me.. I pulled away as soon as I realised it wasn't Rumana, I.. I feel so bad

C: it wasn't you? It was Selena?! Why didn't you just tell Rumana 


*Claire's POV*

i was so angry, Ryan could tell, he placed his hand on my stomach and rubbed it, I smiled

c: what can you do now though Justin? I mean, you're gonna have to open up, tell Rumana! 

J: I can't, I've lost her

R: you haven't lost her bro, she's madly in love with you, we can tell! It's obvious! 


I caught sight of Selena walking past my house, I jumped up and ran out, slapped her around the face, she turned around 

S: what was that for you little bitch

c: you got some fucking nerve walking around here haven't you

*selena mocked me*

C: WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO? I slapped her again, bruising her this time, Ryan and Justin came running out.. 

CLAIRE STOP they both shouted, 

why should I? She's a fucking using bitch, deserves nothing! 

Ryan grabbed me, pulled me around

r: Claire, don't do this, you don't need the stress, especially now! 

C: I don't care, fuck this, she needs a piece of my mind, I'm gonna fuck her up.

r: Claire, no, NOT NOW, seriously, I can't lose it, I can't lose you

Selena interrupted, can't lose what, why doesn't she need the stress

Justin pushed her, fuck off Selena you little whore 


s: I..i

r: AND YOU HAD BETTER HOPE SHE TAKES HIM BACK, because if not, then you're fucking dead

i broke down in tears, falling to the ground, Justin kneeled down, picking me up and holding me for a minute while Ryan dealt with Selena, I hugged Justin tightly, wow you have some grip there honey! 

Ryan got rid of Selena and walked back over to me and Justin

baby, lets go inside, you need to rest now!

we went in, and watched a movie for the rest of the evening! Me cuddling into Ryan laying on his chest, he gave me the occasional kiss every time I wriggled, and Justin was sat next to us giving us the awkward look every time we kissed. 




Hope you like this chapter everyone! Please give feedback- it was written by Claire, and I don't think it's that good, but any advice or compliments will be taken in and if I write another chapter they will be taken on board!


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