The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

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11. I can be your bad boy

chapter 11 written by me the original writer thx guys and you got the marriage but there's something else that's gonna happen but not in this chapter anyway enjoy.

Jovana's POV

I feel like Chris is hiding stuff from me like him and Justin went to go get tattoos Chris got way more then Justin though like a full torso and arm tattoos like where did this come from? anyway he had to leave earlier then the usual time which was like an hour early because of some phone call so I follow Chris to this old run down building looking like it's been vacant for years... I wonder why Chris would be here I followed him in the building making sure he didn't see me I peaked around the corner and saw OH MY GOD this can't be Chris, Justin, Chaz and 2 other guys I don't know in a- in a gang? And smoking weed oh my god I started to run but I guess you could here me because I could hear 2 guys running after me but I couldn't run fast enough cuz one of them pushed me up against the wall
Ch: Jovana
Me: let go of me!
Ch: why?
Me: because your in a gang with Justin and Chaz and 2 other guys and you smoke and plus you also lied to me!
Ch: babe don't be scared
Me: let go!
Ch: we need a girl please come with us
Me: what if I don't?
Ch: please?
Me: no
then he kissed me he was still my boyfriend should I kiss back? I guess so I did the he whispered in my ear "I can be your bad boy" with a smirk on his face I smiled so I guess I'm doing this now.. should I stay or go? I don't know all these thoughts are running through my head. I walked in there with Chris holding my hand
The 2 guys I didn't know couldn't take there eyes off me I blushed and Chris saw
Ch: fuck off guys she's my girl
they immediately snapped out of the trance and looked away, Chaz and Justin were confused when they saw me and if your wondering how I know Chaz and he hadn't been mentioned he used to go to my school but he got expelled for fighting to much and I haven't seen him since the only one else who knows is Claire because she used to go to a different school before this one so but it was funny how confused they were until Chris said
Ch: meet our gang girl
and then they were shocked and the 2 other guys  were pretty stoked I learned their names they are lil Za and Twist but I just call lil Za just Za then they all said at the same time which was creepy
Guys: we got to get your gang look together
Me: what's wrong with this?
Guys: hello emphasis on the word 'gang'
I just rolled my eyes and then Chris gave me some clothes I went to the bathroom and put on leather black shorts, doc martins and an over sized leather jacket with studs and a chain, wait a minute where's the shirt? I put on the leather jacket that had no zipper are these guys serious I walked out and said
Me: umm guys where's the shirt for this 'look'?
Guys: there isn't one...
Me: you gotta be fucking kidding me 
I left and went to the bathroom and there's no way I'm not wearing a shirt under that leather jacket wait I just remembered I had a black leather bralette just in case I wanted to change if we were at the club I rummaged through my bag and found it I took my bra off and then put on the bralette I put on the leather jacket and I had a black snap back they didn't give it to me I just took it of the shelf I thought it would complete the look I put it backwards and looked at myself I can't believe I'm doing this I took a deep breath and then walked out I got immediate stares from the guys Chris got up and kissed me
Ch: you look sexy as fuck in that but where'd that bra thing come from?
Me: I had it with me and there's no way I'd be bare under a leather jacket that doesn't zip up especially around 5 guys

Claire's POV

Oh my god Ryan proposed to me last night! Now we're engaged and soon to be married! I hope we get married before I have the other happy thing that's happening in my life it will be amazing Ryan's at his parents and I have no idea where all my friends are speaking of parents I actually have to talk to them before they find out and get angry I didn't tell them because once they see me soon enough they'll.........

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and also what do you think about Jovana being in a gang? I'm not really sure read this and if you haven't already like and favourite this story! and it would be amazing if you could become a fan of me thx! love J<3

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