The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

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17. "Girls Night"

Drake's POV

So today's the day I'm finally gonna propose to Jovana, I love her so much so I'm gonna ask her to marry me, I'm in front of the mirror practicing the speech "so Jovana I've been wanting to ask you this for a while and I guess I wanted to say will you-"

Jov: "What are you doing?"

D: "nothing...."

Jov: "Okay then.. anyways I'm going to the tattoo parlour so bye"

D: "here's $2000 to pay for it"

Jov: "Drake."

D: "take it"

Jov: "fine thanks"

she gave me a quick kiss before leaving me in the house alone, now I got to go buy a ring.

Jovana's POV

I drove to the tattoo parlour, I'm getting a sleeve it's gonna have a rose, some design and then somewhere in it, it will say "Drake" and under that it will say "forever and always" both in handwriting, now I'm gonna have 6 tattoos because I have 3 finger tattoos, one under my breast and one on the back of my shoulder and then the sleeve, I walked in told the lady what I wanted, then in 5 hours it was done I paid her $967 and left the parlour, I called Rumana and Claire

"hey girlys"


"how would you guys feel about a wild getaway for the weekend?"


"okay well I leave for L.A on Monday right"

"yeah so?"

"well what if I was already there but with you guys for the weekend away from the guys without telling them and getting drunk and wasted all night"

"sounds great!"

"ok so claire just tell Ryan that it's girls night out, Rumana talk to Justin and I'll deal with drake"

"But I kinda made plans with Justin to you know.."

"you already fucked in my bed yesterday how many times are you guys gonna do it?"

"fine I'll cancel on Justin"

"ok then meet me at the airport in 4 hours, make sure you back some comfy clothes but mostly party clothes"

"Kay bye boo"

"bye bitches"

Justin's POV

Rumana just blew me off and said it was "girls night" what the fuck ever me Drake and Ryan were playing Call Of Duty, and we were killing each other

Ry: "I'm gonna kill you and make yo momma your bitch"

J: "my moms not my bitch"

D: "yeah your right it's Ru who's your bitch"

J: "Shut the fuck up man"

Ry: "hey dudes I gotta go pick up Ells-Jae and take her off of Claire because Claire's having a girls night"

J: "Rumana said the same thing"

D: " So did Jovana"

Ry: "that's fucking weird but I'll be right back"

J: "kk and yo pick me up some mcdicks on the way back"

D: "same dude I'm fucking starving"

Ry: " go to fat camp fatfucks"

J: "Fuck you"

Claire's POV

We're boarded on the plane, and we're bored as fuck. The guys think we're having a "girls night" hahahaha dumbfucks.


we're now in the hotel getting ready for the club I was wearing a tight red dress with white heels, I put on a smokey eye and lipstick, I curled my hair and took a small clutch, Rumana made wavy hair wore a black tight dress with hot pink heels and did her make up the same, Jovana wore a tight white dress with black heels red lipstick smokey eye and straightened her hair. We were now driving to the club, got in and Love, Money, Party played through the speakers, we went to the bar and started taking shots of tequila down, Then we saw Miley Cyrus smoking weed with Wiz Khalifia, we walked up to them

"Hi Miley"

"Hey homegirls, wanna join me?"

"hell yeah!"

Love me by Lil Wayne started playing, we were getting high, gambling this was the perfect night

MRC: "Look at those bitches trying to twerk"

Just then Jovana screamed twerk off in the club, Me, Miley and Jovana went into the dance floor getting ready to twerk these bitches into the ground! Rumana just watched, Bandz A Make Her Dance started to play through the speaker, they started to dance and twerk but they sucked we could do better.


Jovana felt sick so I went back to the hotel with her while Rumana stayed with Miley by the way we exchanged numbers, Jovana flopped on the bed and then she said something I'd never thought she'd say

"I think I'm pregnant"

Jovana's POV

My phone rang I picked it up


"Where the fuck are you?!"

"Drake I'm in L.A with Claire and Rumana"

"Why the hell did you lie to us?"

"We didn't want you guys coming with us, but Drake I have something I need to tell you"


"I think I'm pregnant, I'm driving to the airport, I'll see you in 6 hours"

I hung up, then out of nowhere this car came out of nowhere, then everything went black

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