The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

****Copyright © 2013-14 DrxwsRcyrus & Thatonetimeboy. All Rights Reserved.****


22. Farewell :-( maybe?

hello everyone... this is so awkward because I was gonna update this about almost a year ago and now I have completely been dumbfounded and moved on to something else, I unfortunately moved on from my justin phase as everyone I've known has besides my old belieber friends which I have not spoken to in ages. When you move on from a popular teenager phase you leave all those friends you made behind on accidental because you can't really connect to them and you have zero ways of contacting them after you delete your fandom twitter and all social medias... wow I cannot believe that I uploaded this story on September 28th, 2013 I was about 12 then and in am 14 now. I was pretty passionate about my writing and I must say that I did very well for a 12 year old. I hate to end the story on a cliffhanger honestly but it has seems to already be a year and I don't know if I should keep going because well it has been a year and I don't think anyone's gonna still be feeling this story since I made you wait for so long... again I am very sorry for such an inconvenient mishap. I actually would really love to thank Rumana and Claire for being with me throughout the story I actually couldn't of made this ship off successfully with out them, we all have grown and I doubt anyone will see this and remember this story, and I doubt Rumana or Claire will see this either but I love all of you who stuck by my side and gave me endless support you guys are the reason for the success on this story and I am so happy for that, I never thought I'd get 1000+ reads and I'm grateful I did. Anyhow I will continue this story if I still have eager readers out there. But if not, this is DrxwsRcyrus signing off. Much love and thank you all for the support you gave me when I was just 12 years old! I love you guys so much take care.

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