The Girl With The Secret Diary (A JB Fanfiction)

So this is the life of Rumana she was a very happy girl till she was forced to move, she meets an outright doucebag who is nothing but trouble read to find out.

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15. A thousand years (pls note there could be break downs)

Drake's POV

I woke up naked with an empty spot next to me and my head was pounding what the fuck did I do last night I heard the girls talking

R: you really think you slept with him
Jov: I'm pretty sure I mean we were both naked and shit

Oh my god we had sex, that's shocking I mean I just met her yesterday, I went to Justin's room and pushed him off the bed to wake him up

J: what the fuck man
D: sorry but something fucked up happened last night..
J: what?
D: I had sex with Jovana
J: holy shit
D: I know what do I do??
J: just try to pretend nothing happened or try to make her want you
D: I'll try I hope this works I took some clothes and me and Justin got dressed I just wore baggy jeans and a white v-neck with a chain black supras and a black snap back, Justin was dressed in black basketball shorts and a white tank top with a red SnapBack and white supras then we walked downstairs.

Jovana's POV

What the fuck do I do I mean me and Drake fucked and then someone took a crazy video of us on Rumana's phone, this is all so overwhelming being with Drake reminds me of Chris all the memories of the 5 years we've been together 


Ch: haha that was so funny when you busted her ass like KABOOM!
Me: hahahahahaha 
Ch: what do you want to do?
Me: how about this (takes phone)
Ch: little punk I'm gonna get you
Me: *screams and runs*
Ch: *tickles her they both fall*
Ch: told you I'd get you now give me my phone back 
Me: nope 
they look into each others eyes and kiss
Ch: does this mean your with me babe?
Me: yes

*flashback over*

that was the first time we've ever kissed tears started to pour out that's it I went into the bathroom took a razor and cried before I took the blade and sliced it across my skin 6 times on both arms then I screamed in pain, this wasn't enough I took a bottle of pain killers and swallowed them down then the guys burst the door open along with Rumana they all looked around and saw everything they all gasp and I broke down crying Justin and Drake tried to help me but I just screamed at them to leave me alone I left the bathroom went into the bedroom and slammed the door shut and locked it the guys just started to pound on the door to let them in so I told them to go away then Justin kicked the door open, and there they all were staring at me like they were saying "why did you do this" I just started to cry and cry and cry until I just couldn't control myself, I rummaged through my bag until I found a gun I put it to my head then Justin and Drake were screaming and running towards me and Rumana was crying but I just couldn't take it anymore I pulled the tigger back still not shooting until I finally did and there I was dying right in front of their eyes I could here hysterical crying and Drake screaming at me not to die and him starting to cry and sob in front of me, but for some reason I wasn't actually dying then I remembered the gun only had blanks in it, but I was going to kill myself I just couldn't take it I got up and ran downstairs grabbed the knife and put it to my throat preparing to die, the guys ran downstairs and tried to pull the knife out of my hand and Drake got it out then I ran to the guest room in the basement and locked it but then again they busted the door open and I could still hear Rumana crying upstairs and Drake was holding me tight telling me he's here for me and he will never leave me, then Justin was trying to help Rumana calm down but I just wanted to die I don't deserve to live without Chris I can't be without him 
D: why are you doing this to yourself?
Me: because I don't want to live
D: you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on ever since I saw you in the cemetery and I want you to be here living on this earth, I don't even care we slept together honestly if I could remember it, it would've probably been the best day of my life 
Me: why would you want me to live I'm not important 
D: if you weren't living I wouldn't be able to do this
then he tried to kiss me but I didn't let him

Jov: I'm sorry I can't do this
D: it's ok I understand but are we okay because of what happened last night
Jov: oh you knew about that
D: yea but are we?
Jov: yea we're cool

R: sorry to rain on your parade, but we're going to the school prom tonight
Jov: I don't have a date tho
D: I'll be your date but just your friend date
R: ok then it's settled we're going 
Jov: I don't have anything to wear though
R: duh that's why we're going to buy some dresses
Jov: ok

Rumana's POV

We went to the mall and went into a dress store, we rummaged through all the racks until I found the perfect dress, it was a strapless purple flowing simple gown that had diamonds on the chest area, I found some black pumps with sparkles and some dangled earrings to go with it, Jovana got a sparkly silver dress that was the same style, and she got light pink pumps with a chain ear cuff, we got back and got changed, I put my hair into an up style type of hair with grey eye shadow, liquid eyeliner false eyelashes and eyeliner I painted my nails white and and checked myself out I looked great, Jovana did loose curls and a smokey eye with red lipstick false eyelashes and eyeliner plus mascara we both looked great and we were meeting Claire there the guys have already left so we are also meeting them there.

Claire's POV

So you guys know I'm pregnant well we know it's a girl but we haven't picked a name yet I'm 3 months along so it's been six months already and I'm huge as fuck but I don't care I've took school off for maternity leave no one at school knows I'm pregnant but they will find out tonight because it's our annual juniors dance because we're not seniors yet I don't know how we're gonna make this baby thing work but I really don't care I'm starting a family with my fiancé yes that's right we still haven't got married yet but it will happen soon I just know it, anyway time to get ready for this dance I got this sweetheart neckline mermaid type of dress it flows down to my feet and it's a ruby red dress, I have white heels for it and my hair is just going to be a wavy side swept hair with simple make up, I walked downstairs and Ryan turned around
Ry: your ready beautiful?
C: yes
I walked to the door and Ryan kissed my cheek I smiled and blushed this kids the cutest we walked out and I saw I white stretch limo with someone holding roses and my door open
C: oh my god Ry you didn't need to do this
Ry: yes I did your my girl and I love you so much Claire, your my wife and we are having a kid this is all I could ever ask for the perfect girl perfect house and we're gonna have the perfect kid, I need you to know if I ever lost you I would not know how to cope, I'd probably want to die but I could never die without you in my arms

that little speech made me cry oh my god he's the best I could've ever asked for I love him and I can't ever let him slip away, I took the roses the limo driver was holding and smelt them they were beautiful, Ryan took one of them and slipped it into my hair, I got in and so did my Ry and we rolled the window up so we could have privacy, Ryan popped the champagne bottle open and poured it into to glasses, 
Ry: to us to the baby and to next year and our future
C: you are corny but to all of the stuff you just said
we drank it up and the he intertwined our fingers together that had our wedding rings on our hands
Ry: are you sure you want to do this
C: yea
Ry: alright let's go then 
he kissed my cheek and then opened my door for me, here goes nothing, high school get ready for people to know I'm pregnant

we walked in and we saw our friends 
C: hey guys 
Friends: hey
Jov: OMG you know what we should do?
Us: what? 
Jov: we should just bust the fucking door open all bad ass
Us: nooo your crazy hahahahahaha 
Jov: I'm just kidding calm yourself
C: well let's get in there

Justin's POV

We got in there and Started From The Bottom by Drake played through the speakers
J: Drake that's yo song boy
D: no shit bro
we immediately caught our attention to the booze yep we gonna get wasted no doubt we took shots beers you name it, Drake did drink 2 shots but no more then that, and Ryan just had one beer man these guys are such pussys like this is time to party, we were dancing to we can't stop and I was completely drunk, I didn't know where Rumana was but I'll find her
"Hi Justy"
I heard.....

Jovana's POV

I was hanging with my girls and then
Drake we were dancing to many song and many of his rap, then A Thousand Years came on By Christina Perri, 
D: do you wanna dance
Jov: umm sure....

we started to slow dance he was really sweet and we are dancing to a slow song can it get more awkward
D: don't take this weird but you look beautiful tonight
Jov: I'm not and thanks
he looked into my eyes and at this moment I knew he was the one, he kissed my soft but passionate then he pulled away and smiled then looked down he is the one.

Rumana's POV

I saw Drake and Jovana dancing, I saw Claire and Ryan dancing to the best slow song ever and they all looked so cute, everyone was dancing and then I wondered where's Justin I moved through the sea of people and then
R: no fucking way------------


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