A Love We'll Keep Fighting For

Allie Gray met One Direction when she was visiting Cheshire. They quickly became best friends. When the boys met Justin Bieber there was a spark between Allie and Justin, but something was keeping them from being together. What was it? Well, to start off, management won't let Harry and Louis be together because they are afraid it'll ruin sales. That's why Louis has Eleanor. But what about Harry? What will distract the fans from Larry? Ah yes, making Allie Harry's beard.


3. What??


"What?? Management wants ME to be YOUR beard??" I ask Harry in shock. He nods looking away but looking at Louis. 

"But why ME?" 

"Because you're our best friend. Management thinks if you're "dating" Harry, the fans will think its real." Liam steps in. 

I nod. "Well...I've always wanted to be an actress so I guess this is my time to show the world what I'm made of." I say. They nod. 

"Ready to go on our "first date"?" Harry asks. I nod and roll my eyes. This will be interesting...


Harry and I go to an ice cream parlor. Management must have known because paparazzi was everywhere taking pictures of us. Well here comes hate from fans...which I wasn't ready for.

It's just stupid that they won't let Harry and Louis come out. They have enough fans that if they did, they'd still have tons of fans. Management just thinks that if they let them come out they won't have any fans and no fans means album sales go down and blah blah blah. Stupid. JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY

Once Harry and I get back from our "date" the other boys look at us.

"What?" I ask. "Look at the news." Niall says as he turns to the tv.

It shows pictures of me and Harry holding hands and eating ice cream. Ugh this already doesn't feel right.

I put my head in my hands. "everything will be ok." Niall gives me a side hug. "Thanks Niall. This just doesn't dele right. Lying to your fans.."

"Don't worry, this is only for a little while." Harry says.

"hopefully.." I hear him whisper

A/N: Sorry short chapter! I'm typing this off my phone so it's hard to do this on my phone! xx.

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