A Love We'll Keep Fighting For

Allie Gray met One Direction when she was visiting Cheshire. They quickly became best friends. When the boys met Justin Bieber there was a spark between Allie and Justin, but something was keeping them from being together. What was it? Well, to start off, management won't let Harry and Louis be together because they are afraid it'll ruin sales. That's why Louis has Eleanor. But what about Harry? What will distract the fans from Larry? Ah yes, making Allie Harry's beard.


1. Pilot )Intro)

A/N: This is the first chapter so bear with me! Any hate will be reported so no hate please :) But before I start, I want to say Justin WILL be in the story just a little later so be patient. ALL of One Direction will be in here too, but it IS mostly a Larry Stylinson fanfic :)
Hope you like it!


"Harry stop! Stop!" I laugh as Harry tickles me. "Nope! Not till you tell me you love me!" I continue to laugh as Harry pokes my sides and belly. "Fine! I love you Harry now stop!" He stops and looks at me as I cross my arms. "You really love me?" He asks in a sarcastic tone. I roll my eyes and push him over. "Of course I do, you idiot. You're my best friend." He smiles and kisses my cheek. "How'd we become such good friends in 3 months?" He asks leaning on his elbows in the grass of his backyard. I shrug. "I guess we just have good chemistry." "I'll miss you when we go back on tour, Allie." Harry looks out at the view. "Me too. But we'll see each other in 7 months." He nods. I can't help but feel happy but...confused at the same time. 

I jerk my eyes open and take a deep breath. Ugh I was dreaming about Harry again. About the last time we saw each other before he and the boys went on tour. Now it's been 6 1/2 months since they left and they're suppose to be back in America this week sometime. I rub my eyes and look outside to the sunny morning. No school because it's summer. I get out of bed and can't help but think about seeing the boys in just a week. But especially Harry. 

Harry and I met when I visited Cheshire last summer. We met at a shopping center and we became best friends quickly. Same when i met the other boys. We all just had good chemistry. I spent all summer with them until I had to leave for school. I am from Seattle. 

I always had feelings for Harry but I always had a feeling he was bi because of what he told me and how he acts around Louis. I always shook it off because I wanted to be with Harry. But after I saw the news about "Larry Stylinson" and how they are together, I kind of gave up. I want to ask Harry about it, but I'm afraid if I did, it'll ruin our great friendship. 

I shake off the negative feelings and think about seeing the boys in just a week. I put on some sweats and put my hair in a high pony tail when my phone dings.

Hey! The boys and I will be in Seattle next week! Can't wait to see you! xx

I smile and reply I can't wait to see you!

I head downstairs and eat some breakfast. My parents work so they're already gone. For being 18, being alone all day without a job can get quite boring. 

I turn on the tv and the news is on and I see the host of E! Insider she says:

"One Direction heading back to the US next week! Can't wait for them to get here! But on other news, we have this very interesting picture of Harry's hand on a steamy tour bus window."
She shows a picture of Harry's hand on a steamy tour bus window. I narrow my eyes.

"Is this another Larry Stylinson rumor? Sources say that it was only Harry and Louis on the tour bus that night. Hmm seems pretty suspicious." I change channels. 

I don't change it because I'm annoyed, I change because everytime I see something about Harry and Louis being together, my heart breaks a little more. 

A/N: I hope you like it! I'm excited to start this! And don't worry, I WILL start the sequel to Midnight in Manhattan soon! Just be patient please :) 

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