A Love We'll Keep Fighting For

Allie Gray met One Direction when she was visiting Cheshire. They quickly became best friends. When the boys met Justin Bieber there was a spark between Allie and Justin, but something was keeping them from being together. What was it? Well, to start off, management won't let Harry and Louis be together because they are afraid it'll ruin sales. That's why Louis has Eleanor. But what about Harry? What will distract the fans from Larry? Ah yes, making Allie Harry's beard.


2. Meeting again & BIG surprise

A/N: Sorry I haven't updated! I have school and blah :P So here's the next part, hope you like it!


On Friday, I got downtown Seattle to meet the boys at our local Starbucks. As I walk down the street my stomach fills with butterflies as I get closer and closer. Ah! Seeing Harry I can't wait! I mean, BOYS. Not just Harry. The BOYS. Oh who am I kidding? I want to see Harry. 

As I open the door to Starbucks, I look around and only see a young college boy on his laptop. I narrow my eyes. Hmm. 

"ALLIE!!!!" I jump in surprise as I see 5 boys jump up from behind the counter. A big smile spreads across my face as they run toward me and hug me. 

"Hey guys! It's so nice to see you!" I say. I hug each of them. 

"You too!" 
"We've missed you so much!" Niall says with his Irish accent. 
"We're SO glad to be back!" Liam almost yells. 

We hug again. Harry then hugs me and I get a wave of butterflies. 

"I've missed you." He whispers in my ear. "Me too." I smile. 

We all get something to drink and sit down with people staring at us. Eh. I'm use to it. 

We talk and catch up and as Liam talks I notice Harry and Louis being kinda intimate but subtly. I KNEW something was going on between them. Those liars. Liam continues to talk, I nod every so often but I watch Harry and Louis. 

Louis leans into whisper something to Harry and a smile appears on his face as he nods. He then pats Lou's knee. 

After we finish our coffee, we head out to Paul their security guard. We greet and I get into the car and we head to their hotel. 

Once at the hotel, we move our way through the fans and make it inside. 

"I could never get use to that." I comment as I watch the screaming girls freak out. 

Niall shrugs. "Eh. You DO get use to it. Just takes awhile." I nod as Zayn puts the hotel key into the slot and we walk in. Nice place. Damn. 

We all relax o the couches and chairs. Harry sits next to Louis and he puts his legs over him as he leans on the arm of the couch. 

"So... I need to ask you two something." I look at Harry and Louis. They look at me. "Ok shoot." Harry says. 

"Ok..well, this has been biting away at me but I've been afraid to ask." "Well? What is it then? We won't get mad. We'll tell you the truth. We're best friends anyway." Louis says. I take a deep breath. "I've always noticed a...sort of chemistry between you two and...I know you two are called Larry Stylinson for a reason. So.." I trail off for a second. I look away. "Are you gay?.....For each other?" I ask finally and I take a breath of relief. 

They look at each other and the other boys do too. 

"We trust you Allie. No one knows. I mean, not really." Harry says. "Is that a yes then?" I ask. They nod. "we've been...dating for a while now. We just can't..come out." 


"Stupid management. They won't let us do anything anymore." Louis rolls his eyes. Harry sighs. "It's hard..you know? That's why Louis has Eleanor." I nod. I can't help but feel...jealous. Harry and I had a thing for awhile which made me like him and now I KNOW I don't have a chance. 

"Management wants ME to get a beard now too...because Louis and I can get a bit carried away sometimes.." Harry smirks at Louis who blushes and kisses Harry quickly. 

"Who would be your beard? Taylor was and the fans figured it out." I point out. Harry nods in agreement. "That's why they want someone who's closer to us, or me. Someone who would make the fans think I was dating her." He looks at me. 

"Why are you looking at me like-oh."  cut myself off. He nods. 

"Management wants YOU to be my beard." 

A/N: SO SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED DON'T KILL ME. School has been crazy and ugh college life.....I'll update my other stories asap!

Forgive me xx



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