Life of an Angel

Aurora Borealis is a Victoria Secret Angel, Pink Nation Model. She always thought this job was a great opportunity for her modeling career, but what she really loved doing was inspiring people, with her pictures. Nothing matters more to her that making people happy.


1. The Girls and Guys of Hollister and Pink/VS Nation Angels

Pink Nation/ Victoria Secret Angels


Aurora Borealis.

Age 17.

Ash Brown Hair.

Golden Eyes.(Grey with bright gold in the center around the pupil)


Blair CynClaire

Twin of Fauna

Age 19.

White/Blonde Hair

Blue Eyes


Fauna CynClaire

Age 19.

Twin of Blair

White/Blonde Hair

Blue Eyes


Hollister Boys


Jake Green

Age 17.

Black Hair.

Green Eyes


Phillip Hayfield

Age 21

Brown Hair

Brown Eyes


Blake Johnson

Age 19

Blonde Hair

Grey Eyes









These are some MAIN characters in this story

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