Life of an Angel

Aurora Borealis is a Victoria Secret Angel, Pink Nation Model. She always thought this job was a great opportunity for her modeling career, but what she really loved doing was inspiring people, with her pictures. Nothing matters more to her that making people happy.


2. Last Week of Summer

      I wake up to the sound of Wake Me Up by Aviici playing from Blair's room. I slip out of bed and into the shower, I quickly wash my hair and hop out, blow drying my hair. I brush my hair and my teeth slightly run-walking to my closet. I grab my floral bandeau and my mint colored, flouncy crop top tank. I put the clothing items on and some pink underwear walking towards my bottoms drawer. I find my black, pencil mini skirt and put it on. I walk to Blair's room with my phone in hand ready to record whatever happens to be going on.

     I press record and burst into the seen only to end up recording Phillip and Blair having a slightly heated make-out session.... okay not expected. I walk towards Fauna's room and open the door, " Hi ho, Fauna you up?" I ask.

   I walk into her closet and see her with her computer holed up like a mouse to cheese, "Aurie! I'm kinda busy here." Aurie (pronounced are-ee) was my nickname.

   "With what another book you happen to be reading about some people that happened to be fake?" I sarcastically state.

   "Girl, out of line Graceland, Olie, and Bruno are totally real!" she whines.

    "Proving our points exactly." I state for the whole group. She sighs and gets up to shower. I head into the kitchen and find the orange juice. I grab some glasses and turn the stove on. I here a faint patternized knock on the door, beat beat beatbeatbeat, It's Jake!

  I open the door and walk back into the kitchen, "Hey Jake, you want some breakfast?" I ask.

   "Hello Aurie, I'm fine thanks for asking, oh and yeah sure need any help?" he sarcastically remarks and waltzes to the stove, putting an arm on my shoulder.

   He chuckles a little, "What's funny to you about eggs and bacon?" I question.

  "Nothing I was just thought that.. nevermind." he nervously states.

   "You okay Jay, you seem...nervous.." I sort of whisper. 'It's only the last week of summer... It isn't like you aren't gonna see me again.  Did you hear about our bosses getting married?" he rambles. 

  " Uh.. no but like are you serious?" i ask.

  " Yeah i mean that is what i happened to overhear." he smirks.

I finish the eggs and scream from the kitchen, "BREAKFAST MY FELLOW ROYALS!" I giggle as they all charge down the steps in the hall. A group of 3 come down the steps; Blair and Fauna in their usual sibling bicker y , Phillip nonchalantly shadowing behind them continuously rolling his eyes. I grab plates and they swarm to the food. Jake and I hold back eating our breakfast as the others go at it for what we left. I swear if Blair and Fauna weren't models they would be gigantic, no offense. They ate like pigs, then all of a sudden were gone, then we heard beeps from the work out machines... of course. It's the last week of summer before we go back to Pink/VS and model again, got to get into shape some how!

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