Not an Ordinary Girl

My name is Kassy. I've been living on the street now for nearly ten years. My father dumped me in an alley when I was six years old. He told me he was just going around the corner, and that he'd come back soon. Well, its been ten flipping years, and i'm still waiting. Not reall waiting anymore, just sort of...hoping. Hoping that he'd come back, and rescue me. But then I met Liam, and my whole life just kinda...changed. (One Direction, not famous)


3. Chapter 3: Liam is an arse

I kicked at the gravel as i walked throughout the small neighbor hood.  Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn and I lived in a small two bedroom flat in the crummy section of London.  I stopped at the clothing store and walked in. Mrs. Green, the nice Irish lady that owned it, looked up and smiled at me. "Hello, Kassy."

"Hey, Mrs. G." I said, poking around the discount clothing section.  "How are you today?"

"Oh, fine. We havent had much business, what with that new Jack Willis springing up over yonder." Mrs. Green huffed. "Everyone wants name brands. No one wants the good old clothing anymore."

"Well, I love the good old clothing." I giggled, pulling out a pair of jeans and setting them on the counter. I noticed a jacket in the corner, and my breath was taken away. It was beautiful. It looked like genuine leather, and had nice and shiny buttons.  I reached over and touched it, then pulled my hand back, afraid i would dirty it. 

"Ah, you fancy that jacket, love?" Mrs. Green chuckled. "Tis a beauty, to be sure."

"Yes, Ma'am." I breathed. "How much?" 

"I'm sorry, dear. Fifty dollars." I winced. I only had enough to buy the jeans...about five pounds. And i really needed new pants. I sighed. 

"I'll start saving, then." I told her, as she took my money and quickly gave me my jeans. 

"All right, now, you have a nice day, love!"


Liam didnt say anything as i walked in. I sighed, and walked over to him. "Sorry for being a jerk earlier."

"Its' okay." Liam shrugged. Niall, sitting in the corner, snickered. 

"You two sound like an old married couple!" He laughed. Liam and i gasped.

"Absolutely not!" I yelled. 

"Never in a million years!" Liam added. Zayn poked Niall. 

"Theyre gonna get married someday. You just wait." 

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