Not an Ordinary Girl

My name is Kassy. I've been living on the street now for nearly ten years. My father dumped me in an alley when I was six years old. He told me he was just going around the corner, and that he'd come back soon. Well, its been ten flipping years, and i'm still waiting. Not reall waiting anymore, just sort of...hoping. Hoping that he'd come back, and rescue me. But then I met Liam, and my whole life just kinda...changed. (One Direction, not famous)


2. Chapter 2: Ten years later

I stayed with Louis and his friends for ten more years. When i was little, i didn't really understand what my father did. Now all I want is revenge. I want him to feel pain for what he has done to me. He ruined my childhood. I grew up without a father. Well, that's a lie. I grew up with four older brothers, and a boy that like to pretend like he was my father. That's right. I'm talking about the one, the only, Liam Payne-In-The-Arse. All in all, he wasn't that bad of a guy. But he never really liked me. I tried to stay out of his way, and he tried to ignore the stupid things I did.

Louis was the older brother i never had. He was always joking, alway goofing around, and was the sassiest boy i had ever met. There was never anything romantic between us, but, I will admit, when my teenage years started, I may have had a slight crush on him.

Harry was the cheeky one. All he had to do was turn up his thousand watt smile, and he could get a cookie out of the grumpiest of old ladies. He and Louis were especially close, and he was always there to help me when I had strayed off "The Path of the Payne," as we called Liam's rules.

Niall was like my twin brother. He was always eating something. When we were short on food in the two room abandoned flat we shared, we would have to lock up the pantry so he wouldnt eat us out of house and home. He was the closest to me, other than Louis, and i could talk to him about anything.

Zayn, or Vain, as I playfully called him, was the pretty boy. What he lacked in people skills, he made up for in looks. He was always the one that would get girls to look at him, and he wouldnt even have a clue.  He and I were not especially close, but still, i considered him a brother.

And then...there was Liam. He was, as you already know, the Daddy of the group. I called him Dad just to tick him off. We never really got along. I guess Liam was good looking, but really, I never really liked him like that if you know what I mean.

Well, all that changed on one fateful day...


"What do you mean, youre going to the store?" Liam bellowed. "We dont have money to spare for you to go shopping!"

"Shove off, Daddy!" I yelled back. "I'm using my own money."

"What, did you steal it from an old woman again?" Liam sneered down at me. I rose to my full 5'5 height, and glared at him. 

"No. It's from an old man." I snapped back, "Who bought one of the drawings from Zayn!" 

"Then it should go towards something we need, like food, maybe?" Liam's neck veins were popping out like they usually did when he was worked up.

"It was a tip!" I yelled. "Shove off! Youre not my father!"

"No, but i'm the oldest person here! You need to show respect!"

"Respect my ass!" I screamed. I turned and ran out the door. I heard Liam yell after me, but i turned, gave him the finger, and ran away. 

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