The one that got away

When Makayla a friend forces. Her to get over her long obsession of her ex she begins dating the hottest guy at school but when her ex comes back it creates conflict and turn her world upside down.


1. Getting over old things

"I can't!" 
"Why not?"
"Because,  it's just wrong.." 
"No it's not, it's been like 4 years since he's left. You need to move on!" 
"I can't, he's the only person I'll ever love!"
"Serious Makayla! Please just move on, it's obvious he's over you, you can't stay hung up on him forever ."
"But Christine! I can't and honestly would u be able to. He jus picked up and left! Now let's go we're gonna be late for first period." 
    As Christine and I walked home together she wouldn't stop talking about Andrew, the new cute guy in our first, third, and fourth period. I mean I have to admit he is pretty cute. He is kind of short and  has long, shaggy, brown hair with blond highlights, and amazing dark, dreamy, chocolate brown eyes. Andrew has liked me since about six grade and I use to like him until a certain someone came along, now I'm a sophomore and it's been over for years since he left and I can't even think of Andrew, he doesn't even cross my mind. There's only one guy who has my heart and he always will. He has shortish brown hair that he spikes upwards in the front, gorgeous eyes that just mesmerize me when I look at them and a muscular body that would but a body builder to shame. 
   He's so gorgeous and amazing and... "Makayla Michelle!!"
"Yeah?" I replied stunned that I had drifted so far into my own world I hadn't even realized that I had almost walked straight into four lanes in traffic. 
"Are you ok Makayla?" 

"Yeah, uh, I'm just a-a little tired from school that's all.." 

"Mhm, ok. So how do you think you did in Mrs. Clark's class today? I know I completely bombed that test today." 
"Uh, yeah.. Me too." I still hadn't quit woken up from my my day dream yet. 
"Are you day dreaming about "him" again?!"
"Look I have to go, my mom wants me home early today so I can watch Poe while she take her brother and sisters to the hospital for there check ups."
"Alright bye!"
"See you later Christine, text me!"
  As I walked the rest of the way home I realized a few different cars in the neighbors drive ways. Dark black vans with extremely tinted windows. I was curios but then I seen my next door neighbor, Mrs.Rose. 
"Hi Makayla, how are you Hun?"
"I'm good and you Rose?" 
"Oh just the same, are you excited that you'll be turning seven-teen in about a month?"
"Yes, very!" I was lie. I wasn't excited at all. Honestly I was very unhappy and devastated. I didn't even know what I was having for dinner and now since I'm seven-teen I'm having to get a job, have a "career plan", and know where to go after school. I'm really not ready at all.
"Well, I have to go in and cook for my niece and nephew! I see you later dear!"
"Bye Mrs.Rose."
    I walked inside to see what mess had been made but I didn't see a mess. I actually walked in to find Poe in his playpale asleep and the house freshly cleaned. Why all of a sudden did the decide to clean? It's not like the president is coming over or anything. I noticed on the coffee table a note which said: 
" Dear Makayla,
I will be home around 11:00, I've gone to the airport to pick up you grandma and grandfather for your  Neaveh's birthday. Ive taken Neaveh and the boys with me but Poe is asleep in the playpal. Wake him up at around 7:30 and feed him. Dinner is in the oven. Don't forget to put Poe asleep before you go to sleep. 10:30 at the latest! Love you!    Love: mom."
  I glance at the clock then grabbed the remote and turned on the tv. I had about two and a half hours to be lazy before I had to feed Poe. When I first turned on the tv it was on Disney channel so I watched that for about fifteen minutes before I fell asleep. "Imma tell you one time!" I sprang up as if someone had just broken in. The sound of his voice would wake me in even a dead sleep. ( which I was in because Poe was up and screaming his head off ) my attention turned from the tv to Poe when I realized it was almost 8:30 and he still hadn't been fed. I fixed us something to eat and returned my attention to the tv which was now baring the picture of 18 year old Justin Bieber's bare but and was going on about how much he had changed since the 14 year old boy who had come out four years before. I turned the tv off after about an hour and took Poe with me downstairs to go to sleep. My eyes being droopy I was almost asleep when I herd the sudden vibration of my phone. "Hello?" 
"Duh, who else? Anyways have you herd the news?"
"What news?"
"The news about..." *silence*
My phone had died. I figured it was about Andrew so I plugged my phone up and went to sleep.


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