Ughhh my life is getting worse.
My friends, my best friends and even my family is turning on me. they think i'm not telling them one simple thing, when the truth is.................
Read more to find out what her secret truly is.
p.s this book is a starting of a series i am writing.


14. trying to get out!!!!!

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HOPE?" " i mean we have to stay calm dylan" i smack him across the face."ow" "you deserved that now i have an idea" "what is it?" "look we have to disguise our sent." "so we have to kill a zombie and rub the blood on us but don't get it in your mouth." "why?" "well hmmm let me think YOU TURN INTO A ZOMBIE" "oh right" "but we have to kill two for three people." "huh three there is only two people." "hello" i pointed down. we went to my moms creepy bedroom and found a few guns and a couple of knives. we suited up and started heading before we went to attack we looked at each other."are you ready?" "yep" we both smiled "charge" "huh oh" ahhhhhhh we ran and killed a few zombies and killed more to clear a path "ow" i fell flat on the floor with a zombie on top of me "ahhh dylan help" "i'm coming he cut of the top of the head of the zombie and the blood got all over me and surprisingly missed my face."thanks" "next time watch were your going got it we have to stay alive and i can't afford to have you get your self killed" "thats a bit harsh" "its just the truth." "UGH" i walked away put some blood on me even though i had tons on me already. and i put some on my mom." ok you take her and lets get out of here" "i'm not carrying her she's your mom." "WHAT i'm not strong enough." "well i guess if you want her out of here you'll have to be strong yourself." "how dare you speak to me like that" i slapped him with a punch and a kick in the testicles. "mommy" he cried like a little baby. "see thats what you get for being stupid." i walked away wrote a note for my mom and left. i started walking right through the zombies the disguise was working!!!!! and all of a sudden.............BAM !!!!!!!!! i fell "ow better watch where your going." " i'm sorry"we looked into each other's eyes and i fell into a good trance of some kind our eyes couldn't look away. "i'm Matthew" "i'm Meghan" "i'm so sorry for being rude i'm kinda mad at someone." "its ok" our eyes still haven't left yet and we stood up still gazing in his eye's i'm falling for someone i just met. 

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