Ughhh my life is getting worse.
My friends, my best friends and even my family is turning on me. they think i'm not telling them one simple thing, when the truth is.................
Read more to find out what her secret truly is.
p.s this book is a starting of a series i am writing.


13. true spills out

WACK "ow, i need a little nap" "dylan why did you just knock out my mother? and with a rock!" "well i was afraid if we told her here she would scream drive away and tell everyone." "true point for the week i've known her that is like her,but none of us know how to drive." "i do i'm eighteen not sixteen" "WHAT another lie to me." "i'm sorry ok" "so let us drive to your place" "yes and tie her up" "i think you know that you would be grounded for your life time if you tied her up ." " i am already grounded for letting my friend knock her out , whats your point." "true lets tie her up then." we drove in silence just going street after street. "here we are" we walked in "ok here we go, mom are you ok?" "what happened?at one point i'm in the driver seat and the next i,m at home." "yeah you see a total stranger through a rock at you and you passed out" BANG, BANG, BANG "i wonder who that could be?" i opened the door "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" i screamed ran and jumped up on dylan. he cot me "hi Meghan, wait are you ok your breathing heavily what did you see?" "a, a, a, " "A WHAT" "ZOMBIE" "AHHHHHHH" "RUN" we ran upstairs now that i'm thinking about it, probably worst decision of my life and we left the door open. "MEGHAN WHERES YOUR ROOM" " over there" we ran so hard and looked for windows and looked outside"uh oh look" we looked outside and saw there were zombies everywhere "wait what about my mom" "MOM ARE YOU STILL ALIVE AND NOT INFECTED" "yes dear i'm right here" she was covered in clothes that were ripped. "mom  i can explain" "NO I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT YOUV'E BEEN LYING TO ME YOUNG LADY AND I WANT THE TRUTH" mom can you just listen."NO AND ARE THERE ZOMBIES OUTSIDE" "yes don't freak out" she fainted KER PLUNK BAM her body fell flat on the floor. "WHAT DO WE DO NOW?" "hope"

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