Ughhh my life is getting worse.
My friends, my best friends and even my family is turning on me. they think i'm not telling them one simple thing, when the truth is.................
Read more to find out what her secret truly is.
p.s this book is a starting of a series i am writing.


11. Training

 "Ok michael if you are going to help then you got to have training."" look i'm not really a half blood its just what i am like so thats what i meant when i said people may call me a half blood. honestly i have no idea what i am all i know is that i have these different powers and i feel like i have a duty to others to keep them safe." "I didn't want to get taken in by the cops because i didn't want to get stuck with a scientist who would experiment on me, huh now that i think about not wanting to get stuck with a scientist makes me think of stan you know that dog thats on the show that you watch." " Meghan do you mean dog with a blog?" "yes and why am i still calling you michael i am probably still freaked out that you are DYLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "ok ok i don't blame you for hating me but you have to understand i was pretending to be michael for your safety. Also if there was no michael you would have already been killed yes thats right KILLED you hear me because she knows what you are and you don't, she knows your strengths and weaknesses so why bother even staying here and fighting her." " she may know my weaknesses and strengths but she has no idea what yours are." " oh please don't get me into this." "your the one who wanted to help so your helping" "ok then i don't want to help anymore i'm just a kid." " you are pretending to be a kid and to bad no taking back " " you are helping weather you like it or not." ' why i don't want to battle the demon or should i say her how do we know if she's not listening to us right now." "because if she was she'd be here trying to kill us right this second." "fine your right there but still how would we be able to defeat her?" "well she still thinks we don't know about her and she still thinks we are not going to go in her room." "oh please no isn't it good enough for me to battle her not go in her room as well." "too bad as well you wanted in to help well your helping a whole lot." "are you making me do these crazy things because i lied to you?" "your spot on" "oh come on can't you give a guy some slack remember i was trying to protect you." "suck an egg" "i don't like eggs" "UGGGGHHHH" "i don't get girls why are they so dramatic?" "i have no idea dylan and now i realize  that i am talking to myself, wow how un cool can i get." "so un cool iv'e been listening the whole time talker to their self" "how do you sneak up without anyone hearing?" "because i'm like a vampire duh although i don't live forever and i don't drink blood." "and since i have super strength you can have a nice chat with your self on the wall also i can stick people on anything  want." "there you go" "ugh put me down" "what do you say" "oh come on please Meghan put me down please" "awww how can i say no oh i know like this NO not until you have learn't your lesson." "why oh why" "i wont let you down until you shut up and think about what you have done" "i'm not a child " "oh i thought you were" "you make a point there" i smile " i know i do." i walked away no not walked skipped happily for my powers. i walk outside and sit on the porch on the step and think, what can i do to help the world?, why did i get this power? i need these questions answered by my birth parents but who knows where they are or even if there dead. this is one of the things i need to know.


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