Ughhh my life is getting worse.
My friends, my best friends and even my family is turning on me. they think i'm not telling them one simple thing, when the truth is.................
Read more to find out what her secret truly is.
p.s this book is a starting of a series i am writing.


12. The unexpected

"Ok dylan are you ready to apologize?" "yes just get me down i almost fell asleep the only reason i didn't fall asleep is because i am afraid to know what you would do to me." "ha the only thing that i would do to you would draw a funny face on you" "oh good" "although i would make it so you would never get it off through your whole life." "see that is what i was expecting" "ha ha i bet you weren't even expecting it." "no i wasn't i though you would pants me." "funny now that you mention it i will when you are not expecting it." "awwww man"  "come on me and you got to go to the library." "what do you know where we are going" "know but you do" "michael doesn't know where it is." "no but you do dumb dumb lets go." "i can't go as dylan i'm michael remember i'm undercover." "but if you just pretend like i don't know you are pretending to be dylan and your that doctors son and were just hanging out." "i don't like this idea." " too bad"
we grabbed our coats and headed out. "ok Meghan we turn left here." "stop something doesn't feel right" "what do you mean" "everywhere i've passed by when i wasn't here didn't seem so quiet i mean a little noise at the least but dead silence." "yeah so thats good isn't it?" "not in this case something is going on in this town, and were going to figure out what it is." we saw a car heading our way. "Meghan what are you doing wheres michael?" "mom aren't you suppose to be gone a month?" "oh no honey i called you this morning, you answered and i told you i was going to be really late do to traffic." "no you came home telling me you were going to be gone a month." "WHAT, now what kind of a mother would i be if i told you i wouldn't see you or michael for a month?" "what this is impossible how could me and michael see you if you really weren't there?" "Meghan" "what dylan" "i mean i think i know whats going on, come over here for a second" "yes what is happening mr. i think i know whats going on." "the mom we say this morning  her, leaving for a month whoever was pretending to be her has something planned but before we get into any of this we have to talk and tell" 'stop right there, you mean were telling her the women we don't even know if she's lying." "yes its our best option." "are you sure now who i will call mr. positive." "mr. positive is positively positive." "ok hey mom we need to have a little talk."

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