Ughhh my life is getting worse.
My friends, my best friends and even my family is turning on me. they think i'm not telling them one simple thing, when the truth is.................
Read more to find out what her secret truly is.
p.s this book is a starting of a series i am writing.


23. Practice Makes Perfect Part 2: New Plan

"So whats the plan?" "I dont know" Meghan said, "but we will find out." she said proudly. "Hey!" Matthew said "what is it?" Matthew pointed and said "Its Gilbert!!" "thats not Gilbert but when i get him back, im gonna kill him!" "You go gurl but he is just over there and  we should probably just knock him out dont acuatly kill him." "why thats not Gilbert  thats a different troll and why couldnnt we kill him thats what he was going to do to us." "no he wasnt he was giving us to the dark lord." "EXACTLY THE DARK LORD WOULD HAVE KILLED US" "oh yeah true but still, knock him out and then interigate him to get him to tell us how to stop her!" "Great plan only one problem." "what?" "thats not Gilbert!" " of course it is." " oh yeah then how did he get out of the mirror." "oh that is a sticky part that we cant de-stick right now." "Wait Meghan if that isnt Gilbert than who is it i thought Gilbert was the only one in the forest." "He is that is no troll, that is the DARK LORD!!" "Shhh she is going to hear us!" "quickley over here!" Meghan and Matthew jump into a bush. Unfortuantly it was a thorn bush. "Mommy" Matthew says in a teary voice. "What happened?" Matthew was in so much pain he couldnt speak. "oh i get it, you got a thorn right where the sun dont shine." Matthew nodded his head agreeing with Meghan. "Oh stop being a baby I bet its just a scratch!" "now stop crying and find out what way the Dark lord is going. Matthew bites his lip trying not to cry. Meghan saw the dark lord on the phone. "Yes hello, I have a job for you. I need you to find a couple of kids for me." *gasps* Meghan gasps while listening to her conversation. "Yes, names? oh um." Meghan breaths with relief thiking the dark lord didnt know their names. "Meghan and oh whats the boys name!" Meghan prays that she doesnt know Matthews name. "I dont know the other but just track Meghan she is all I need and if the boy is with her kill him in front of her!" Meghan gasps and hopes Matthew isnt paying attention. "You can start tomorrow?, great!" Meghan knew she needed to get away from Matthew for his saftey."Meghan can you hear any of it?" Meghan starts to tear up but swallows and hides it. She lies right to his face. "No i didnt her anything either." The dark lord walks away and Meghan and Matthew wait until they know theyre safe and hop out. "Phew I wondeer what that call was about." "Yea me too" "so what do you wanna do?" "Huh what?" "You know, should we stay here and get ready for bed or should we walk." "No no walking, we should stay and get ready for bed." "okay" "You start the fire" "ill be right back" "Okay" Matthew says. Meghan walks away and when shes out of site she starts running, running as fast and as far away as she can get. Meghan finally thinks she is far enough for the night that if he started looking he wouldnt find her. She climbs a tree to stay out of site and sits on a branch and starts to cry. She didnt want to leave him but she had to for his saftey. She falls asleep. Matthew is sitting by the wonderful fire he made wondering when she woould be back. Its been 2 hours since he had last seen her but he just thought that she needed a little of space from reality to help her calm down. "Shes probably just fell asleep she will be back by morning." Matthew says a little worried. "it will be fine." Matthew goes to bed. "ugh, mirror mirror on the wall take thhis person doesnt matter how tall out of this place so I can see his face." "Ah" *thump* "It worked!" Meghan said excitingly. "Hey thanks for forgiving me your high-" Gilbert stops and stares and realizes its Meghan and not the dark lord. "Oh Meghan......." *Crash* Meghan brakes a vase on Gilberts head and knocks him out. Gilberts eyes start to open "wa wah what happened" "Your an ass thats what happened." "Oh hi Meghan...MEGHAN!" "Yep its me so take the stick out of your ass and start talking." "Okay okay at first I was on your side but then the dark lord called me and threatned me, she said that she would kill me if I didnt hand you over." "Why didnt you lie and tell her that me and Matthew werent there." "Because I thought she would know if I lied and I didnt want to die, im to young to die." "No I am and let us not forget im trying to save the world from her and the only thing you did by trying to hand us over was getting yourself stuck in the mirror." "I know im sorry, please forgive me" "I will if you will help me." "ok deal and by the way where is Matthew wasnt he with you." "Not anymore, I over heard the dark lord and she said she would kill Matthew right kinfront of me if he was with me when she found me. But im going to make sure that the next time she sees me will be the last time she sees anything." "ok im in but we have to start getting to work." Gilbert gets a book and blows the dust off and hands it to Meghan." "This is what you need to get stronger than her to defeat her." Meghan starts to practice.

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