Ughhh my life is getting worse.
My friends, my best friends and even my family is turning on me. they think i'm not telling them one simple thing, when the truth is.................
Read more to find out what her secret truly is.
p.s this book is a starting of a series i am writing.


6. Lunch time

it is now lunch i am suppose to meet the people in the choir i wonder if there are more people who joined but couldn't tell anyone other than the choir teacher. Now it says here the choir meets in the music room, well where the heck is that? I know i will ask someone. Look there's someone. "excuse me do you know where the music room is?" "yes of coarse i do in fact i'm heading there too." "are you in choir" she asked me "ummmm yes sorry i cant believe there is someone in choir i was afraid that me and one more person" "oh really oh some more people must of signed after you well I'm Sunny...... and you are " "oh i'm Meghan" "well nice to meet you Meghan oh we better go now or we will be late!!" we went down the hall and there in big capital letters it said ( MUSIC ROOM ) wow easier to find than i thought.ok  were here but no one else was. "WHAT!!!!!!!!! almost the hole school joins the choir!!!!! where is everyone?" "how do you know that?" "oh my sister went here last year." "Oh then where is everyone" she started almost crying. "are you ok Sunny?" "no my friend was suppose to join but i guess someone told her it was for losers and guess what thats what we are then." " we are not "i confirm. "we are people who like to sing and who have music in there souls. they don't, they just are good at other things and we are good at tis and i'm sure we can find more people." "there's a problem there Meghan, see i'm not great at singing its just I'm only good." " Sunny even if your not great it doesn't mean you are terrible." "So how are we going to get more people then?" "we will have a show and let people know how much fun it is to be in choir" "ok great then when will the  show be?" "in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "yes but the faster we go the more people we get." "you make posters ill plan the show." "ok Meghan lets do this." its now four o'clock an hour past school i called my mom and told her she was happy to hear i made a friend. "ok how are you doing Sunny?" "Great i've done twelve posters." "great" really i was upset i'm nearly am done the whole show and songs. i feel like i've been working my hardest and she's not even really working when she said great i was hoping she had at least twenty done.considering its been an hour or at the real least i'd say fifteen but still twelve she's not even trying. "ok thats a day lets take our work home and finish everything so we can start rehearsing tomorrow." "ok but i may not have enough time." "oh thats fine but try and finish it tomorrow and we will rehearse the next day" "Great see you tomorrow." ok lets go home. 

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