Ughhh my life is getting worse.
My friends, my best friends and even my family is turning on me. they think i'm not telling them one simple thing, when the truth is.................
Read more to find out what her secret truly is.
p.s this book is a starting of a series i am writing.


19. lesson time

"Ok, look troll" the troll interrupts me. "uh um oh permission to speak" "permission granted" "ok um my name is gilbert, gilbert small" "gilbert small, thats hard to believe." "huh i don't understand?" "well I'm ok with gilbert but seriously small who named you" "i named myself." he had felt confusingly proud as he had said that" "well gilbert can you explain to me about the dark lord?" "of coarse i can, its my lives work knowing about the dark lord." "ok" matthew had started saying, "can you explain then instead of showing off" "ok,ok ill explain" "it all started when i was a baby," Meghan stops Gilbert there, "um gilbert skip to this year, and we just want to know information." "ok so the dark lord is three things combined, A: a werewolf, B: a vampire" Meghan whispers in Matthew's ear that explains the dark lords room. "EH HEM shall i continue or would you like to die trying to kill him or her whatever." "oh no continue sorry" "thank you" "ok and C: a which/warlock haven't found out what gender.  Anyway thats that and only one other person can defeat her and that would be you." "huh me" "not you Matthew I'm talking about Meghan" "huh what me wait I'm not even what he or she is" "yes you are , your anger is werewolf, your vengeance is which and your hunger and the ability of compulsion is vampire" "Meghan gets dizzy and faints" 

AUTHORS NOTE: hey everybody i hope you enjoy the book so far and i would like for you to type me in comments about what you think of the book so far. 

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