Ughhh my life is getting worse.
My friends, my best friends and even my family is turning on me. they think i'm not telling them one simple thing, when the truth is.................
Read more to find out what her secret truly is.
p.s this book is a starting of a series i am writing.


26. Escape

*SLAM* Meghan gets thrown into a cell. "Ouch!"  The guy locks the cell. "Hey let me outta here!!" Meghan demands and tries to unlock the door but it wouldnt budge. Meghan looks around trying to find something to pick the lock with. Meghan's on her knees searching but then she puts her left cheek to the ground and looks to see a hole in the wall, a hole that she could only fit her hand through. She looks into the hole seeing someone in the cell next to her unconscious. "Hello, hello please, please wake up" Meghan says to the person in the cell. *uhhh* The person in the next cell starts to wake up and turns to face Meghan his eyes were still closed but Meghan knew who it was. It was the one person Meghan did not want it to be....Matthew. "Matthew?" Meghan whispers to herself. she looks at him fitting her arm threw the hole trying to touch him. "MATHEW!! WAKE UP!!!!!!" Meghan yells. "huh?". "Matthew its me, wake up!" "what? Meghan?" "MEGHAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!?" "well you see...' Matthew interupts her. "WHY DID YOU LEAVE!?" Matthew said mad. "I did it for you." "I THOUGHT YOU LIKED ME AND THEN YOU DITCHED ME?" "I DID IT TO PROTECT YOU!!! OK" "How is you leaving going to protect me!?" "Because, remember when I told you I heard nothing that the dark lord said." "yea" "Well I lied. I did hear her." "what did she say?" "She said she hired someone to look for me and she said my name but she couldnt remember your name which I was happy about. But then she was told that they would find me by that next day which they did but she said if the boy was with me, so you. She told them if you were with me for them to kill you infront of me." "So I had to leave to protect you." Matthew still looked upset but was so confused he felt he was left in the dark. "Why didn't you tell me?" "What?" Meghan asked confused. "Why didn't you tell me so at least I knew where you were?" "Matthew, do you really believe you would let me go If I told you they were after me and I had to leave for your safety?" "Well no. But I do believe I would rather know and die trying to save you then not knowing and you get killed." "Well you know why I didn't tell you, I didn't want to see you die." Meghan starts to choke up. "I would've done the same thing." Matthew told Meghan. "We have to try to get out of here." Meghan said looking around. Matthew started to get up and asked Meghan, "what are you looking for?" "Something to pick the lock with." "I have a paperclip." Matthew said wondering if that would help. "Give me that!!!" Meghan reaches her hand openly through the hole where Matthew dropped it in. Meghan starts to try to pick the lock. "It wont budge." Meghan said angrily thinking about if she couldn't get them out of here Matthew would die. *click* Meghan successfully picks the lock, "GOT IT!" "Woo hoo!!" Matthew said excitingly. "Now your turn." "Meghan starts to unpick the lock but then they start to hear someone coming. "Meghan go! Leave me!" Matthew said to Meghan. "No!, I'm not leaving you again." "Meghan you heard me GO ill be alright." "NO I can get you out just wait!" "MEGHAN OU HAVE TO LEAVE!!" Meghan starts to cry and she looks at Matthews eyes. "It will be ok" Meghan shakes her head disagreeing but Matthew pushed her away from him "Meghan! If you don't go now ill never forgive you, ill hate you!!" Meghan looks at him upset about what he said and agrees and runs to hide. Matthew lied about what he said but said only what he could to get her to go. Although, Meghan also lied. She was standing behind the wall peeking to see Matthew. "Alright princess time to. HUH?! WHERE IS THE GIRL???!!!" The guard stares at Matthew but he does nothing. "I don't know" "Don't you lie to me sonny boy!" The guard pulls out a gun from his jacket. Meghan's eyes widen wanting to come out and yell 'I'm here but knew if she did Matthew would hate her. "So let me ask you again" He pointed the gun at Matthews head and said "WHERES THE GIRL!" "I DONT KNOW" "hahaha, stupid kid," *BANG* Meghan put her hand on her mouth and starts to cry and falls to the ground. Matthew was dead and she didn't know what to do, all she felt was anger and hatred and vengeance. She looked around and saw a shadow approaching. She moved closer and waited, when the shadow figure appeared Meghan covered his mouth and pushed him against the wall. The man attempted to grab his gun but Meghan noticed to quick and aimed it at the guy and he pulled the trigger. Meghan grabbed the gun and saw the man  fall dead. She started walking toward the door there was one person whos fault it was and that's the dark lords. Meghan turns down the hall sees people and shoots them all. She grabs one and says "Where is she!!!" "Who?" The man chuckled and she shoots him in the leg. *Cries* "Ahhh" "Mother f*****" "Let me ask you again, WHERE IS SHE" "Shes down the hall to the left shes sitting in her chair." "That's all I wanted to know." Meghan said she stood up and said "nice talk" and shoots him in the head. She goes to the room and sees the dark lord. "HEY YOU!" the dark lord turns around Meghan shoots her in the arm. "AHH" The dark lord falls to the ground. "You killed him!" She shoots her other arm *Screams* "I didn't" "no, but you ordered it!" "and now. you will pay." Meghan aims the gun at the dark lords head and pulls the trigger but there were no more bullets left.

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