Ughhh my life is getting worse.
My friends, my best friends and even my family is turning on me. they think i'm not telling them one simple thing, when the truth is.................
Read more to find out what her secret truly is.
p.s this book is a starting of a series i am writing.


8. babysitting

"ok mom have fun" "oh i will dear now remember you watch him and don't let him go in my room, have big boy scissors, or watch late night movies and" "wait late night movies i thought i was only watching him for a couple of hours?" "dear you are but a couple of hours is more like seven hours." "WHAT no mom i barley know how to cook." "your brother will teach you." ( turns to brother) "you cook" "yeah i watch cooking shows everyday" "wow how old are you again?" " well everyone thinks i'm eight but I'm nine." "oh well then not everyone will mistake that i will remember." "really you will" "really" "perfect you too will be alright then got to go now bye" "oh and dear almost forgot theres a list of the do's and don'ts and a to do's list on the table." "ok dear bye" "mom but." (the door shuts) "ok michael can you teach me?" "what do i get from this" "need math help by any chance" "nope" "oh don't even i saw your report card" "oh yeah but are you good?" "have you seen my report card all straight A's in math and i'm in high school." "ok then deal." " but before all that happens you got to help me with this list." "you got it whats first" "it says clean kitchen." when we had looked at that kitchen we almost heard crying. so we grabbed the cloths put gloves on wore masks and started. " ewe Meghan what is that on the sink" "i don't know all i do know is that i don't want to know." "same" we started smelling this gross thing is the fridge. "Meghan go check that out " "ewe no you i'm a girl you boys can mask that smell" "thats an old myth were wussies we hate stinky smells and we definitely don't mask it." "how about we open it together" "deal well open it on three, one too three." i didn't open it he did and when he smelt it he fainted huh its rotten milk (sniffs the fridge) "huh" (faints and falls on the floor.) an hour later we both woke up. " Meghan,Meghan,MEGHAN WAKE UP." "huh oh hi Michael whats up?" "Meghan we have to finish the kitchen." "just hen we do the fridge hold your breath." "oh definitely " so we finished cleaning the kitchen. " ok lets see what on the list ." we had both read "the bedrooms." oh no "Meghan my room you don't want to clean." "either way your helping me." "thats like torture." "hey you promised you'd help." "i know,i know." after that list check we had gone upstairs and i said "my rooms clean its just yours and moms." " but we can't go into her room we will get into trouble." "not if we cleaned the rooms which is meaning that we clean more than two. ok so we cleaned his room it was just toys on the ground. "now its moms room." "yeah but either any of us has ever been in there." " yes cause she doesn't want us to know whats in there and thats what were doing i want to know what she's hiding from us." "she doesn't hide things from us." "yes she does why do you think she doesn't want either of us to go in it." "i don't know its messy" "i doubt it she's like a cleaning  freak she just doesn't like the kitchen. " "lets go" "Meghan wait!!!!!" "what do you want to go in all alone." "i don't want to go in it at all." " what are you scared?" "eh" "oh come on." i push the door open "oh my goodness." "i never knew before believe  me " " trust me i believe you." i never would have thought she was a vampire." " we have to get out of here like now." "why Meghan" because she drinks blood and i think that is how dad died no i cant tell him that. "because she's very dangerous we cannot trust her from now on only trust each other." "ok" "and we cant clean her room too dangerous"  "ok"" lets go see what else is on the list" "Meghan if moms a vampire is that how dad died?" "i don't know but i have a feeling she did something to the babysitter too. we slammed our bodies on the couch " i can't believe we finished the stupid lists now will you teach me?" "in the morning we have to go to bed" "can i sleep with you in your bed i'm scared of mommy.""me too lets go" we fell asleep.

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