Teenage Dirtbag

He's got a gun. I'm being threatened. I can't do anything about it. 'Cause i'm just a teenage dirt bag.

Liam Payne Falls in Love. But being Liam Payne means his luck ran out years ago. He's in love with a girl who has a boyfriend. Not only is he her boyfriend, but they used to be best friends. And now he has a gun and threatens anyone who doesn't do what he says.

{One Direction and 5SOS Fanfic}


10. Truth...or Dare?

Noelle's P.O.V

Dress in a plastic bag, make up and hair styling tools in a box, I'm ready to go to prom. What am I talking about? Well seeing as my friends dragged me into hosting the prom, I have to be there two hours early. Decorating. I wonder why they get so into it?

'Hey Noelle, wanna help me hang up the seaweed? Izzy asks. By seaweed, she means long rolls of tissue paper. 'Sure' I say with a fake grin. I'm really not looking forward to this. Harry is forcing me to be his date, so I can't find... I don't even know his name! The guy who helped me. It's about time I talked to him, but with Harry as my date, that will never happen.

Samantha comes about half an hour late. She's usually on time, but when I see a massive canvas being pushed through the door I understand why.

'Hey guys!' She says with a massive grin on her face. She just leaned the canvas up against the wall. It's got a tarp over it so you can't see the painting. 'Hey' we all say.

'Do you want to see me artwork that you assigned me to do?' We nod. For the prom committee we all got assigned something to do. Samantha got artwork, Izzy and I got decorations, Alex got food and this girl in my biology class called Brooke got music. I like Brooke, she seems nice. She's into all the boy bands and things like that so it's no surprise when a bunch of seniors dressed in tux's holding microphones, come out and start rehearsing. When I say a bunch I mean four.

We all gasp as she pulls off the tarp. Its full of mermaids and sharks, school of fish, coral and shells even the city of Atlantis! 'It's beautiful' I say. She beams up at it looking pleased.

- - -

It's been about an hour setting everything up and the band sounds amazing. I got to know them more and their group name is 5SOS. Ashton plays the drums and vocals, Luke plays guitar and vocals,, the same with Michael and Calum plays bass guitar and vocals. They're seniors here and were thinking about auditioning for X Factor but weren't sure.

'You should you sound really great!' I say. They all go a light shade of pink. Ha. We're all sitting in a circle waiting a little bit longer to get ready for the night.. I reckon Calum likes Brooke. I catch him stealing glances at her every few seconds. Then I have an idea.

'Let's play truth or dare!' I shout. After some reluctant agree's I grab an empty water bottle from the bin (don't worry it was clean) and place it in the middle. I look at all of their faces. Each and everyone. Samantha, Alex, Izzy, Brooke, Calum, Ashton, Luke and Michael, then spin. It lands on Calum. 

'Truth or dare?' I ask. He looks scared. 'Umm.. dare?' I grin. Perfect.

'I dare you to....spend 7 minutes in heaven with Brooke!'

Their faces fall, while I roll around on the ground laughing. 'I'm going to get you back Noelle!' Calum screams. I just wipe away a tear from laughing so hard and shoo them away to the cupboard in the theater.

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