Teenage Dirtbag

He's got a gun. I'm being threatened. I can't do anything about it. 'Cause i'm just a teenage dirt bag.

Liam Payne Falls in Love. But being Liam Payne means his luck ran out years ago. He's in love with a girl who has a boyfriend. Not only is he her boyfriend, but they used to be best friends. And now he has a gun and threatens anyone who doesn't do what he says.

{One Direction and 5SOS Fanfic}


6. Lunch time -Noelle

Noelle's P.O.V

I'm sitting with Izzy, Alex, Samantha and Louis when Harry suddenly comes up to me, pulls my head back and kisses me. I kiss back, afraid he's going to hurt me. Hurt me? Yes. Harry is a jerk face, self-obsessed idiot who forces me to be his girlfriend. Ever since I started this school actually. I remember it vividly. 

*Flash Back*

I was walking down the hall of my new school, trying to figure out where the Algebra class was when someone bumped into me causing everything that was in my hands to fly across the room. 'Ahhh!' I scream. Someone rushes over to me but I can't see their face properly. He helps me up then picks up my stuff and hands it to me. 'Thanks' I say. 

'No...Uh...N-...No Problem.' He stumbles out. 'I'm Noelle' I introduce. 'I'm new here'. I stick out my hand for him to shake it but he gets pushed behind someone with brown curls.

'Hello luv, are you knew here?Let me take you on a tour' He says really fast. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and I feel uncomfortable. He pulls me away from the boy who helped me and I never new his name.

*End of Flash Back*

That was the last time I saw him. It's been, what? A year now? I wish I knew what his name what. Actually, I lie. I saw him yesterday. He was staring at either me or Harry. I wasn't sure. I looked back at him and his face turned red. I'm pretty sure it was him. A lot can change in a year's time. Like Harry. 

He used to be so caring and sweet. Now, I'm scared of him. I have to act happy though. He brings his gun to school. He doesn't know that I know. I was walking home one day and saw it in his IROC. Ever since then I haven't stood up for myself, scared he'll hurt me. I've seen him smoking too. He does it around the back. Another thing he doesn't know I know. 

Harry releases me from the kiss and I sit down angrily. He smiles and looks to the corner of the room. I follow his gaze and see him siting there, by himself. The boy who helped me a year ago. I wasn't sure he still went to the same school until yesterday when I saw him staring. He looks scared. He's looking at Harry. Maybe he's been threatening him too? Once Harry threatened me that if I didn't have... 'It' with him, He would punch me in the face. Of course, I didn't. I ran away from his house. That's when he seriously threatened me. He said he'd kill me. I didn't believe him at first but the next day I saw his gun. Since then I've obeyed every word he says.

It's torture.

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