Teenage Dirtbag

He's got a gun. I'm being threatened. I can't do anything about it. 'Cause i'm just a teenage dirt bag.

Liam Payne Falls in Love. But being Liam Payne means his luck ran out years ago. He's in love with a girl who has a boyfriend. Not only is he her boyfriend, but they used to be best friends. And now he has a gun and threatens anyone who doesn't do what he says.

{One Direction and 5SOS Fanfic}


7. Lunch time -Alex/Zayn

Alex's P.O.V

Zayn walks over to me with a grin on his face. I smile. I've always liked his cheeky grin.

'Hey Alex' He says sitting next to me. I'm surprised. Normally, as I've heard, he starts with a cheesy pick up line. 'Hey Zayn' I say smiling. I'm in my cheer leading outfit. I'm head cheerleader. 'You have practice now?' He asks. I nod. He looks like he's trying to say something but doesn't know how. 'Alex?' 


'Do you want to.. uh.. be.. my uh.' He stumbles. 'Spit it out Zayn' I laugh. He blushes. 'Alex. Would you be my Prom date?' It's my turn to blush. I reach out and hug him. 'Sure! I'd love too!' He looks elated.

Zayn's P.O.V

I just asked her to be my prom date. I never knew I had it in me. Normally I'm a one-night stand guy. But Alex, I want her to me mine.

'So do you want to, uh like, come to mine tonight? To you know, study?' She asks. I nod. 'That sounds great!' I beam. She smiles. How I love that smile already. 'It's a date' She says and walks towards Izzy and Samantha. Oh, And Noelle. I didn't see her behind Harry. They just pulled apart from a kiss. Oh, awkward. I look away but see Harry look to the corner of the room and smirk. I follow his gaze and see Liam sitting alone. I go over to him.

'What's with Harry?' I ask. He looks past my shoulder back at Harry then to me again. 'Nothing'. Geez. He always say's nothing. Can't he see I want to know? I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to know.

'It's nothing!' He almost shouts. Almost shouts not shouts. Almost. I think he read my face. I sigh and walk over to Harry and get ready to face his  actual shouts.

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